Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What is going on ?

First Mamdouh Ismail , then Hisham Talaat Mustafa and now Mohamed Farid Khamis !!??

Mohamed Farid Khamis ,the big tycoon of oriental weavers , the famous NDP , Policies Committee member and the Shura Council member is Mohamed Farid Khamis facing bribe charges !!

It seems the famous old businessman bribed a judge  and from here he was caught red handed through mediums who confessed in front of the general prosecutor.

You do not know anything about because there was a publication ban issued by the G.P as usual ,do not forget Khamis is very strong businessman.

The prosecution here is the high state security prosecution and it is currently wrapping its investigation to the criminal court.

Today there was a rumour that Khamis was stripped from his immunity ,there no denial or confirmation from the Shura council which is usual thing in this case and Khamis can’t be reached currently.

It is worth to mention that Mohamed Farid Khamis ,the Shura member had donated from 2 weeks ago L.E 10 Million to restore the Council after its fire !!

Mohamed Farid Khamis is very important NPD and businessman , I will not say more than Hisham Talaat Mustafa but I think he got more weight in the ruling party than Mustafa.

He is heading the committee of the industrial production and energy in the council.

I am having currently a crazy in my mind ,I will share it with you later

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  1. I don't have anywhere near the knowledge of Egyptian history or politics that you do but I would say that these very strange goings on could be the result of perhaps 2 factions within the same party perhaps in a power struggle. Now if Mr. Ezz Steel gets arrested then that would be the icing on ur cake.

  2. @N.American Princess,may be but Khamis had no battles with Ezz as far as I know with Ezz , he is in different kind of business and industries unlike Mustafa


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