Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dr. Hala is under attack

No I am not talking about Hala Sahran whom I wonder where she is now .
I am speaking about Dr.Halal Mustafa ,the political researcher and the Journalist.
Dr.Hala Mustafa is a NDP policies committee member yet she is like Dr. Ghazli Harb ,does not like what is going on in it.
Hala in a very daring interview with the Al Masry Al Youm opened the fire directly on the policies committee saying if you join that club ,you must play according to the rules : With no mind
According to her there is a group of people only who own the decision making right in the committee.
Hala was under an attack because of what she wrote in the American press and some considered a direct criticism to the regime
Today Al Gomhouria and Rosa Al Youssef opened the fire on her ,saying that she was moving on the foot steps of Saad El-Din Ibrahim !!
I think Hala launched her attack after a long period of silence still I do not find a good reason why she is still in the NDP in the first, I am sorry I am not convinced with what she is saying.
Hala feels that there is a campaign against her whether in the NDP or in Al Ahram where she works , she wants to ask  Gamal Mubarak  what is going on especially that she believes her telephone calls are recorded
Believe her ,she is not suffering from Paranoia.
Hala is accused of criticizing the regime for its suppressive acts against the political reforms
Sometimes they accuse her of being an agent to the Americans and sometimes they accuse her of being a MB friend !!
To be honest I think it would be better if Dr. Hala Mustafa resigns from that exclusive club.


  1. Hala Mustafa msh 3aref eh da7'lha fe aflam el NDP dah, aslan di sett tamam in her college w fe Democracy Magazine w ana b7tremga gedan, bs as you said like Osama Ghazali Harb, NDP fadel f elawel y gma3 nas mn el intellectuals and most of them were from Ahram center like it's Director Abdel Mone'm Said bardo Osama, Jamal Abdel Jawad, Hala and others some of them quit like Osama and those still there msh 3aref ya3ny shayfen eh 3shan to still with the NDP.

    ya reet zy ma 2olty for Hala to quit and concentrate more on her academic life and journalistic career instead of all that crap in the NDP!

  2. @Ghafari,the NDP just like its original Socialist union wants to attract the University professors especially in Political sciences ,same thing to the bright students in the faculty , I know one personally ,but to be honest are Dr.Hala or Dr. Osama naive to think that they will bring change to the NDP with all that corruption in the country ?? Sometimes I feel these professors go in the NDP so they can insure a chair in the Cabinet


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