Friday, October 31, 2008

The honour

I found several comments here and in Jaiku defending the swinging couple and I felt as if I were Elizabeth Hasselback of Egypt because I attacked those pervert couple , as if I were an aggressor on the personal rights of the Egyptian citizens and as if I am supporter to the big brother regime in Egypt !!
I would be lying if I said that I was surprised by the reactions but I did not imagine that would be like this.
I will not say that I am a Muslim and that is totally against my believes
I will not say that this is against the idea and core of Marriage
I will not say that this is against Manhood.
Because all these seem to be against Freedom in the eyes of some , Because all these seem to be from Old time, an old fashion.
But I just want to say something all those who defend them ,
Imagine if this woman or man were your offspring !!?
Imagine if they were your parents and of course in those parties they send their children away but for some reason you came to the house and found your mom in the arms of another man and you are father are watching and enjoying !!??
I read an interview with them in Al-Wafd newspaper last Thursday and I felt so sad to know that those couple had 2 children whom will be stained by the fact that parents were sex manics in their own way.
This is not a personal freedom anymore as soon as he put an ad on the internet with my all respect publicly under aliases, it is not a personal freedom in anymore ,it crossed the borders of their bed room.
Already I do not know why I am defending what I believe.
Freedom is not like this at all , if you understand that this freedom than you are totally wrong.
Already according to Psychology there is something hugely wrong in both of them because naturally when a man loves a woman and vice versa there would be some sort of exclusivity in their relation especially in their intimate relationship , it is a natural thing to feel some sort of jealousy.
I do not know how to put in words in English.
If man feels nothing when he sees his wife in the arms of another man then he will feel nothing about his land ,his country because he gave up in his honor in the first place. You know that manhood we are missing,the real manhood that would stand protecting the ladies from sexual harassment nowadays in Egypt; this is another symptom of its disappearance. 
Not every thing this society is wrong about . Do not tell me that the majority of people in Egypt are retarded brainwashed who should be taught what is right and wrong , do not tell me that we must stop preaching people ,here we are not preaching people to do this and do not do this.
This swingers club is another sign of how radical the Egyptian Society became, how doubled personality it is.
By the way this is my blog,this is my space and I have the right to attack what ever I see wrong and if Freedom comes in one package and we should take it all or leave it then I am free to say what ever I want ;)


  1. Dear writer,

    Of course it is bad that people had to insult you and they have no right to do so because you are expressing your feelings and thoughts on your blog and this is what it is all about.

    Now sticking with the subject... To a few of us this is weird of course, we think this is bad and should not happen in Egypt. A few years ago the same was like in Europe and the USA, open sex was taboo and it wasn't done before marriage... Time changed and it became widely accepted that this happens. Sex parties are officially organized and a lot of people are disgusted by that idea because they agree with the fact that sex should only happen between people that love each other. People that attend these parties do not think the same at all. To them dignity has nothing to do with it.

    I believe this is all about personal opinions. I think people should just mind their own business and just complain about things that they don't like, but never forbid it. (Of course it depends on what kind of things, e.g. things that are HARMFUL to other people without their will.) If people want to behave like animals when it comes to sex, then so be it. As long as they do not force us/or people that don't want to participate. We of course disagree with these people, thus the smartest thing is to just ignore them and not judge them. God gave us brains to decide about these things. For them it is common sense and for us it is totally wicked, we cannot judge them, God will do that because he gave us the ability to decide.

    That is actually freedom...To do what you want as long as it is not harmful to anybody else. Here we can do things which we think are bad or good about, here we can decide, but it should only be for yourself. Remember... God told us that we can obey him or just choose the "Dunia" and that is for example what they did, we have no right to force them on such a decision.

    I hope you will/do not understand me wrong! =)

    Kind regards,


  2. dear Medsha,I agree with you that we do not have any right to speak or attack the people as long as they do not take whatever they do in their bedrooms but in that case the man was planning according to his confession to found a club for swingers publicly in Egypt, now that is harm ,it is no longer in their bed rooms


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