Friday, October 31, 2008

Laila needs you

FA022or Dear Non Egyptians readers  Laila need to know you your opinion about Laila ,about her in your country , in your society  what do you think about her whether you are a Woman or Man , you are Girl or Boy.

This is why Laila translated her survey in to English from Arabic to make it easy for you.It will only take few seconds from your precious time.

The Ladies can participate here.

The Gentlemen can participate here.


  1. I'm french and wished to answer to the survey but are we talking about non-egyptians (ie westerner) views on Egypt society ? Because we already have those rights you're seaking and after reading the questions, it's obvious that answers will be :"YES OF COURSE" everywhere !

    There are questions you ask that are so obvious for us that we don't even wonder about it anymore... As for, "would you defend a girl who is being molested or harassed in front of you?", come on, won't you ? it's so so obvious !
    The most important is to know what egyptian womens think. I don't know how us answering the survey will be helpful ?...

    Continue your fight and never let it go ! We all sympathized with you Girls and we're doing what we can everyday in the street to show men that women must be respected as human being !

  2. Mr. anon,
    we still need your answer,,, as for ur situation....
    if you think its a "yes" then go ahead and say "yes" :)

    be true when answering questions... we need ur opinion still

  3. @dear french anonymous,we need these answers in order to compare and to see the difference between our Laila and your Laila now in this particular time


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