Tuesday, November 25, 2008

She wants to be famous

She won’t be the first nor the last ,after all we got enough of her type whom we are already familiar with :very well : The Media Clown lawyers.

Nagla Emam the lawyer who attacked Noha Rushdie last month saying that she were an Israeli who loved to sue guys for sexual harassment is back in the spot light.

After proving nothing from what she claimed and after denying that she refused to defend Noha because she found out she was from the Arabs of 48 , Nagla is back in the media by a strange statement or rather a call

Watch and in advance it kills to post something like this,already I do not know why Al Arabiya gave her the opportunity to rant !!

I do not know what to say except this woman has no morals to say something like this , even the most radical Arab nationalists do not think in this twisted way.

This is an insult to the Palestinian and the Arabic causes , this is an insult to our dignity and our heritage as Arabs.

Unfortunately that woman gives an opportunity to those hate us to criticize and attack us in front of the whole world just like Memri TV.

I blame Al Arabiya Channel for hosting someone like her , she should be ignored at all. By the way I respect the Egyptian newspapers for ignoring her. I did not know it from the press , I knew from the internet unfortunately :(

Arab Men are better than this Nagla, you searcher for fame

If she wants fame ok she can have it without insulting us in the world !!


  1. How pathetic of her... I wonder how she got her lawyer degree.

  2. She's a retard!!! She's a disgrace to women and Arabs and everyone!

  3. Apologies for using your interesting blog to remind people of the "UN Day of Solidarity with the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People".

    Father Miguel d'Escoto, President of the UN General Assembly, made a strong statement against Israel's policies yesterday and called Israel's regime an apartheid regime.

    The statement was made as part of the opening speech of a two-day session(24-25 November) of the UN General Assembly on the occasion of the UN Day of Solidarity with the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People

    [Unfortunately I could not locate that speech just now :-( ]

    Keep up the good work.

  4. @Medsha, she took her degree because she learned by heart ,they do not examine them about their morals unfortunately.

    @anonymous#1, no she is retarded ,she wants to attract attention and she knows how to do it still she is a disgrace to us all.

    @anonymous#3,do not apologize my dear friend , Palestinians are always remembered


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