Thursday, December 18, 2008

Abu Hadeed

Abu Hadeed is the name of the first computer game inspired by the Egyptian local environment. It is the first game to be based upon a Egyptian cinematic character. Originally it was based on Boha, the hero of boo7a (0) comedian Mohamed Saad’s film “Boha”. It is an odd choice to me because Boha was more like an idiot butcher in the end.

Anyhow some problems concerning the copyrights and this jazz forced “Khayal” interactive entertainment to change the name.If you want my opinion the “Sobkis” {Exclusive producer of Saad terrible films} won’t understand the meaning of having a computer game based on films and they won’t appreciate the importance of this game in the history of Egyptian software industry , it is above their own understanding based on the criteria of films they produce !!

They changed the name of Boha in to Abu Hadeed.

I really respect “Khayal” for their initiative,it is so great and inspiring.

There are other attempts to create Egyptian and Arabic PC games ,still they are mostly war games based on historical battles :(  What is cool about Abu Hadeed is that it is a cool game to have fun. It is not a serious game with lessons to be learnt from.

I downloaded the demo and tried it , it is fun and silly to be honest, of course I do not understand why there are women characters Abu boo7a (7) Hadeed should kill otherwise they would kill him but I really loved this Egyptian atmosphere Khayal team paid attention to.

Thanks  Khayal for your wonderful effort and I wish your  game will be a successful one and sooner we will find another game based on some character or icon from our culture for instance like Ismail Yassin , I love Yassin more than Saad ;)


  1. I definitely second your vote of confidence to Khayal. I would also like to draw ur attention, and everyone's, to another genuine Egyptian media production, that belongs to the same graphics family i suppose, and that appears to have been going on for a while. It's "elmofattesh Krombo".. it's sooo cool, i have to say. I do recommend that Khayal attempt to cooperate with the producers of Krombo for another even more successful new Egyptian video game isa. Way to go to the both of them!

  2. @Ahmad, I wish they make Krombo just like the Mystery cases files or even like the Agatha Christie games , it would be great


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