Thursday, December 18, 2008

He even did not make it to the top ten of this list

For 2 successive years president Mubarak of Egypt was among the infamous top dictators of the worlds according to Parade Magazine. But this year 2008 ,he is no longer in the top ten , in fact he is no.17 from the worst dictators in the world. To be honest there are much worse dictators in the world than him.

The World's Worst Dictators | PARADE Magazine

Updated : Thanks to Dear Ahmed El-Shokier I found out that Dear President Mubarak was not from the top ten dictators of Parade Magazine despite all what he has done to Egypt and Egyptians. The First time he appeared in this list of defame and shame was in 2007 and he was in the 18th Place !! Yes he is advancing after 26 years of rule just from the 18th place to the 17th place !!

I think it is good for him and it is bad for us.

He is the short profile of Mubarak in the Parade Magazine. Of course in our official newspaper , he is the man of the year !! I do not think that this magazine is available in Cairo.

It is strange that despite all what he had done to us and to our country he is not considered an A Class top ten listed dictator !! I guess being an American alley has its benefits !!


  1. considering that he lied to congress to get a war started and has chosen to ignopre the constitution at his will, i have to ask you...where is mr. bush on that list?

    as an american i can tell you with some confidence that cuba's raul castro is much less of a dictatorial presence than our dear leader...and he might have been a very good susbtitute for mr. castro on the list.

  2. زينب : تعديل بسيط .. مبارك لم يكن يوما من قائمة العشرة ، مبارك تقدم مركز واحد من الثامن عشر في 2007 إلى السابع عشر كما ذكرتي عام 2008...

  3. @fakeconsultant, well may be Bush is not considered as a dictator like those in the list because he did not oppress his people despite the patriotic act and sending their kids in a war to die in for nothing !! My dear he should be in that list for what he is doing in his country and the other countries too.

    @Ahmed Shokeir,thank you so much for this correction , an American friend told me and I trusted , to be honest it is my mistake that I did not check the magazine as I should
    still the guy deserves to be in the top 10 but what you can say , he is an alley not an enemy

  4. Thanks for sharing this list Zeinobia. It seems the reason for Mubarak's improving rating is that the rest of them have been naughtier this year. Nothing of his own making.


  5. Thanks for sharing this Zeinobia

    It seems that Mubarak's improved rating is because the rest of them have been naughtier this year. Nothing of his own making.


  6. @Joseph, well dear Joe we should not underestimate what he had done in 2008 !!
    Military tribunal for civilians , 6th April clashes in Mahalla, bad treatment the people of Sinai and of course his interior ministry own going policy of ill treatment to the people
    do not underestimate him at all ,the guy is working so hard unlike those lazy dictators

  7. I am so HAPPY to finally see the END of the Bush administration. I hold Bush personally responsible for all of the horrible things that have occurred in Iraq during this HORRIBLE war...I hope that when Obama takes over our relations with the rest of the world will improve and I hope that Obama will do all that he can to pull out the troops. Too much damage has already been done... I makes me very ashamed and sad. Leesa


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