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Farewell to Nile Hilton,Nasr 128 and Chahine

In 2009 Egyptians will say farewell to the famous Nile Hilton hotel which will be called The Nile Hotel starting from the 1st of January 2009.
The famous old hotel opened by President Nasser in 1960s is now owned and operated by Ritz Carlton. It is a great thing.Only the Hilton part will disappear from the roof billboard of the Hotel but in the minds of the people it will be the Nile Hilton just like the Meridian and Grand Hyatt.
I wonder if the Ritz Carlton management will keep the Nile Hilton Dali open with the same prices , I love its fresh bakery. I also I love the 1960s font used in the hotel , I wish they do not change it, they can erase the Hilton word and add the Carlton using the same font.
The Nile Hilton saw many historical events since its inauguration by President Nasser. Many meetings and summits I guess the most BE026465 important ones was the last meeting of Nasser with Arafat and King Hussein in September 1970 “Black September”.This hotel may have seen the last hours in Nasser’s life.Here is the photo of Nasser,King Hussein,Arafat and Young Gaddafi.
Good luck for the Ritz Carlton ,they got excellent location but bad timing for tourism.
Nile Hilton - exterior Nile Hilton
In 1960s during his construction
This photo was taken in 1960s after its inauguration from the Egyptian museum garden, as you can see there was a beautiful garden not ugly unknown construction works like now 
Anyhow we move to the next thing or rather two things Egyptians will farewell sadly in 2009. Yes Sadly ,I am sad for the decision taken by the Nasr Car factory in Egypt to discontinue the production of Nasr Fiat 128 car model and Chahine Car model.
Despite they were originally car models from Italian Fiat they were considered Egyptian local cars for their popularity.They were very successful
I do not know why they discontinue their production , they were not so bad but rather needed modifications including a new design and a new specifications that suit the customer of today. Already they were modified to suit the Egyptian market in the first place !! Look to the mini cooper and Fiat 500 for God Sake.Please do not tell me we do not have the money or the technology or even the brains because they are already there but we do not want to use them.
They were economic and their spare parts are available.
I know that the government wants to privatize the Nasr factory by all means so it decided to discontinue its most successful products to bankrupt it !!
I do not know when we will be able to produce a real Egyptian car .It is as if we always love to end the successful attempt deliberately !!
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  1. The Nile Hilton was built in 1954 not in 1960. I personally attended its inauguration then. At the reception were Actors Robert Taylor and Eleanora Parker who had just finished shooting their movie " The Valley of the Kings', also attended were Ann Miller and Van Johnson. Samia Gamal the renown Egyptian dancer danced at the opening. The same year saw simultaneously the building of the Nile Kornish in front of the hotel by then minister and Wing Commander `Abd al Latiyf al-Baghdadi member of the revolutionary council.

  2. JUST LOOKING AT THAT PROPOSED > MAP ...that Green patch panicked me as it reminded me of A SATOUR/or an >AXE< with its hand >GAZZA?! ONE Arabic saying comes to mind...>>>KAAT3 AL AA3NAK WA LA KAT3 AL ARZAK!! meaning> CUT OUR NECKS,BUT NOT OUR LIVING MEANS?? ..I.Barsoumian/London


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