Saturday, December 27, 2008

Breaking News : On going Massacre in Gaza

The Israelis were not bluffing and for sure they did not listen to what Mubarak  hadsaid in his meeting with Levini , well they have not and won’t ever listen to him.
Israel opened the gates of hell on the Gaza strip this morning. The first pictures of the massacre in Gaza are more than terrible.
The early numbers of injured and dead will show you how big it is
  • 120 are dead
  • More that 200 are injured.
I am waiting for the official Arab reaction of rejection and denouncement.
Of course there will be some useless urgent FM meeting in the Arab league with no use.
Wait for more updates.
 Updates No.1:
Updates No.2:
  • Egypt sent several ambulance cars to the borders and opened its hospitals in Al Arish to be ready.
  • Israel is using its navy and air forces in the attack.
  • According to the Gazans this is the biggest attack on the strip since very long time.
  • According to the Hamas Spokesperson on Al Jazeera Egypt calmed down Hamas saying that Israel would not attack the strip , already today I read in the newspapers that there would be another round from the neogtiations
  • Yediot Ahronat said that Levini informed in advance several Arabic and Western capitals with the attacks.
  • The raids are still going on.
  • The footage and photos in Al Jazeera are more than terrible.
  • This may be unrelated but .. Gamal Mubarak interferred in Algeria to release Ibrahim Hassan !!!
Updates no.3
  • Egypt has opened the Rafah crossing at last !! Did they have to be killed in this awful way so the authorities in Egypt would be merciful enough to open the crossings !!
  • A protest in Aman attacking the Arab countries above them Egypt , thanks Mr. Mubarak for this.:
Egypt , the mother of world ; is not Gaza the mother of the world !!?
Egypt open the crossing !!??
  • I do not know what the regime media will say about this protest , a pro-syrian Iranian one !!??
Updates No.4 :
  • Israel promises that this is just the start.
  • Israel is doing this before Obama becomes the president in the United States, it is obvious ,still I am waiting to know what he thinks.
  • Hamas gave its orders to its forces to open their fire in return.
  • I expected that something big like this to happen in Gaza but no too soon , it is not about the promises or rather threats of Israel but it is about Lebanon , yes Lebanon , things began to calm down whenever things calm down in Lebanon ,something happens in Gaza , believe me.
  • Now here is how I see it : Levini promised to end Hamas but she knows very well she will fail but in return Hamas and other Palestinian groups will plan to have vengance from Israel , the next time Hamas will bomb something in Tel Aviv , the blame will be on Hamas but no one will blame Israel internationally.
  • The death toll reached to 155
  • I can't take it from the photos of the dead and injured there , it is more than terrible seriously.
  • Al Jazeera defends Egypt !!
Updates No.5 :
  • After half hour there will be some protesting standing in Cairo somewhere.I think it will as usual in the Press syndication or in the lawyers syndication.
  • Hussain Abd El-Ghani defends Egypt , well he is Egyptian and even if he Mubarak indirectly.
  • Egypt officially denounced the attack and holds Israel responsible for killing hundreds there.
  • Mubarak position now is so so so so ugly and critical in front of the Egyptians and the Arab world , he now looks as accomplice in this on going mess murder. I have a crazy thought in my mind but I will not share now.
  • I expect tomorrow will be the protests day in Egypt in all universities especially Cairo University.
  • The attack on Egypt is in the highest level ever.
  • Here are some photos from AP and they are just the beginning ,what is Al Jazeera Arabic

Updates No.6 :
  • The spokesperson of the IDF is ranting in Gaza on Al Jazeera : do not use the word Holocaust , Hamas is fabricating the photos to include the civilians ,you are biased
  • He is so angry from the Al Jazeera coverage because it is exposing the ugly face of Israel.
Updates No.7 :
  • The death toll reached to 180
  • The EU is calling for an immediate cease of fire.
  • Prince of Qatar is calling for an Arab Summit.
Updates No.8 :
  • In the coming hourse the Arab League will hold an immediate meeting.
  • The photos of the injured and dead Children are terrible.
Updates No.9
  • The death toll reached to 195 "5 more and they will be 200 "
  • There is currently a protest in Cairo at the Tahrir square.
  • This is a long sad day.
  • The Israelis attacked Ramallah with more clashes between the Palestinians and the Israelis
  • I added more photos to the album.
  • This can be the new Intifida

Updates No.10 :
  • Strangely the Egyptian TV did not change from its silly program to coup with the event of the days.
  • The hospitals in Rafah need blood , I think this is the least we can do now.
Updates No.11:
  • The death toll reached to 205
  • The injured toll reached to 400
  • The Iraqi FM is speaking on Al Jazeera and he is even worse than his Egyptian counterpart.
  • Egypt FM has called the Israeli Ambassador.
  • currently there is a meeting in the Arab league.
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  1. Thanks Allah !
    The Israelis are doing a good job to cut the head of the Falsetinian terrorists as much as needed to stop them rocketing and Qassaming Israeli civilians.

    Allah Akhbar !!!!

  2. If Hamas really wanted to avoid Israeli attack, it would stop the Qassam rockets firing.

    But Hamas would always prefer to create more Palestinian shaheed martyrs than to save any Palestinian lives.

  3. The international community launched an invasion of Iraq based on false suspicions in the name of saving the citizens of that country.

    Now that we have obivous and direct evidence of an Israeli massacre of Palestinian civilians the International community does.....nothing.

    Why is that?

  4. An international force is needed to put a stop to Zionist aggression. If these people are truly God's chosen people and he has given the land to them, why do they need army tanks and all this killing of innocents? I thought God was supposed to be just.

  5. What part of "please stop firing rockets into Israel" did the Gaza militants not understand?
    If Hamas is hoping that the Israelis will finally go far enough that the Islamic world will miraculously come to the Palestinian's aid, they can forget about it.
    Israel evacuated Gaza. The Palestinians used Gaza to bombard Israel. Whatever Israel wants to do to punish Hamas and end the rocket attacks is more than understandable. I can't believe that Israel has not already pounded Gaza into bloody rubble.

  6. @anon #1,3 and Bild , I am sorry but what about the siege of Gaza for months , the illegal siege of Gaza
    Do you think that the Palestinians will stop launching Qassam rockets after what your IDF is doing !!?? Come on wake up

    @Danny , my dear you do not need an answer,this is Israel

    @Peace4all, well I do not think that they are God Chosen People now with that destruction


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