Saturday, December 6, 2008

Governor Elect Now !!

Why do not we elect our governors like in the real democratic countries ?? I know we are not democratic country but I am just addressing this matter. With my all respect to the army men and policemen , I have sick from the unqualified Generals appointed by Mubarak as governors , I know it is a tradition inherited from the time of the Kingdom of Egypt and Sudan, the Generals have been appointed ever since the Governorates were directorates.
Now most of all those generals with my all respect again and again have not got any civilian administrative experience that qualifies them to become Governors for years and may be for decades.

For example:

  • Governor or rather General Ahmed Zaki Abdeen of Kafr El-Sheikh who believes that the direst job in the world is the Governor’s job.
  • Governor or rather General Ahmed Diaa of Minia ; the former aide of interior minister for legal affairs and the enemy of bloggers in Diaa Egypt has proven till now that he can't fill his position as a governor for one of the most important and explosive Governorates in Upper Egypt. From sectarian tensions to the natural disasters to clan and tribal conflicts the man seems to have no control what so ever. I thought at first as a matter of bad luck or even as bad karma but I am wrong , he has no administrative experience , yes he may have got legal and security experiences but not a civilian administrative experience needed for this position.
  • Former Intelligence Officer Ibrahim Baghdadi , this man is well known for the royalists as the main suspect or rather accused of poisoning King Farouk, I will not speak about this now , in another Egyptian X-File post insh Allah. Ibrahim Baghdadi was from the early officers who formed the first generation of the Egyptian Intelligence in 1955. He was appointed as the Governor of Monufia in 1965 after leaving the intelligence service till 1967 then he became the governor of Cairo from 1971 till 1972. This man got an experience in the intelligence warfare abroad.It does not make sense to put him in the position of the Governor in three different Governorates. Already the people of Cairo remember his time as the time where the first Opera house “The Khedival Opera house” in Africa and the Middle East was burned it totally . It was his greatest achievement ever not to mention the continual massacre of trees in the streets of Cairo

Elections give the ability to the people to choose who really serves them , not who serves the regime .I understand why the President insists on choosing Army generals for Governorates like North Sinai , South Sinai, the Suez Canal governorates,Marsa Matrouh and the New Valley Governorates. It is a national security matter but let's be honest even those generals are not qualified enough to understand the position and their duty for instance the current Governor of North Sinai ,that general seems to me incapable to solve the problems ,the very dangerous problems of the Governorate that threat our own national security,it is not a matter of interior ministry only. Yes he is trying to defend himself blaming the Government and the ruling party but again it is his role as a governor to stop the security forces if he sees something wrong from their side , it is his rule in this important Governorate on our borders to keep things quiet. It is about serving the people and making their governorates better.
It is not only army and police generals to be fair and honest , we got judges who can't fill their places because after all they were chosen or rather rewarded for their services to the regime and the NPD.

For example:

  • Judge Maher El-Genndy ; he used to be the governor of both Tanta and Giza before being accused and jailed for corruption; this man was the star prosecutor in the famous corruption and terrorist groups trials in the late 1970s and early 1980s.Some accused him of sending innocent people behind bars in the terrorist groups trials.He was accused in the infamous financial scandal of bribery along with the former advisor of the Culture Minister “Ayman Abd El-Manam”. When he was released out of jail ,he kept swearing about his innocence in a theatrical show in the TV Channels . He was a governor for three governorates “Kafr El-Sheikh,Gharbia and Giza” ,in the three governorate the star prosecutor proved to be a loser with my all due respect.
  • Judge Adly Hussein of Qalyubia ; he stayed in his place longer than any other governor , this man has been in his place for 9 years now. He was the prosecutor in the famous trial of the state security officers accused of torturing the Islamic group members in early 1980s. Lately independent MP Gamal Zahran opened his fire on Adali Hussein him because of some problems in the governorate including some huge dangerous environmental problems for hosting pollutant factories; after all Shubra El-kheima is one of the top polluted city thanks to the Oil refineries there in Egypt.With my all respect to the governor ,he seems to me too active , I mean he is from the few governors in Egypt that travel abroad , he is from the few governors that meet with the American Ambassador , he attended the American Embassy celebration of electing President Obama in the Hard Rock cafe despite he attacked the American Ambassador two weeks before that celebration !! He is too active in the media despite his governorate is not that fine or great. Still I must say that Hussein likes to be the voice against the government in the NDP just like Zakaria Azami but in the end he is their man. I must record his last comment about the independent and opposition press where he described it as the grumpy wife !!

It is very rare to find some General or governor in Egypt now who really masters his position as a governor and there will be no perfect example other than General Abd El-Salam Mahgoub, strangely I feel that he failed in his position as a Minister now.

Of course I am speaking of a very far away dream , we do not have the full freedom and transparency of electing our president or our cabinet or our parliament !!

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