Saturday, December 6, 2008

Breaking News : Another Blogger was detained :(

Ok this is the sort of news no one wants to hear before the Eid “feast”. Another Egyptian blogger is being detained. Famous blogger and Citizen Journalist Ahmed Abdel Fatah of Yalally blog has been detained today from 3 hours ago and taken to the Dokki Station. He has been taken during a Pro-Gaza caravan arranged by MB.

According to what I know he is currently in the Dokki Station.

Ahmed is from the best and active Egyptian bloggers and Citizen journalists :(

By the way I knew some news about blogger Mohamed Adel. According to his father Adel is currently on a food strike. Up till this moment we do not know why Mohamed was detained. Some rumours are saying that it is national security matter concerning Hamas and Gaza !!!?? I do not know what Abd El-Fatah’s charge will be this time !!

This is unfair and unacceptable , just hours before the Eid.

More to come insh Allah.

Update :

Ahmed is back thank God and he will reveal more insh Allah in his blog :)


  1. thank u zeinobia
    iam very good now
    and i am happy from this post

  2. well I am happy more for your safe return Ahmed , Happy Eid


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