Monday, December 15, 2008

I am offended too

The Mexican version of Playboy decided to celebrate the Mexican festival honouring the virgin Mary known as the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe on their way !! They published nude photos portraying the Virgin Mary !! The model is called Maria and thus they got that brilliant idea inspired by  the name resemblance and the month of December “Virgin of Guadalupe and Christmas”

It is very sick and serious and they had to apologize to the Christian world , well it is not the Christian world but also the Muslim world is offended. Lady Mary or Mariam is a holy figure for us too.

Some people will say that the religious people are easily to be offended and they fight freedom of expression ,art…bla bla bla. Already I do not know what Art and Freedom of expression we are speaking about by hurting the feelings of millions of people.

It is not about progressive art I am afraid,it is about media

The Playboy Empire seems to face hard times Now Christie Hefner , the most famous woman in Porn industry that is not really in the porn industry had to resign.The financial crisis from one side and from the internet from another side made difficult to grow the Playboy circulation.

Nothing better than controversy to create a buzz in the media and the playboy knows it how to play it best.

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