Sunday, December 14, 2008

Unfortunately he missed him

This is the news of the day , sorry the news of the week or may be even the month and the end of the year.
Bush was having a press conference today in his surprise visit to Baghdad with Al Maliki when Muntader Al-Zeidi , a reporter threw his shoes at him
Unfortunately he missed him :(
Muntadar al-Zeidi, is a correspondent for Al-Baghdadia television, an Iraqi-owned station based in Cairo . He has entered the history , already I wish that someone tells his news now in Baghdad because I fear on his life.
Here is the historical Video from Yahoo ! Video right after the ad.
Idiot Bush of course tried made fun from the incident and said these words :
All I can report is a size 10.
Here are the photos after the incident :
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I do not know but this reminds me with Saddam Hussein when people in Iraq threw shoes and slippers at his photos,portraits and statues. It is an irony I think.
Throwing shoes at someone you hate is not only a sign of contempt in the Iraqi culture only but in all Arabic Cultures :)
  • Muntader was detained and was beaten."Watch the video again"
  • Muntader told Bush while throwing the shoes "Good bye Dog"
  • Two other journalists were detained after calling his act courageous.
  • This is the last visit for Bush to Iraq during presidency and as usual he claimed victory !!
  • This was the press conference following the signing of the new security agreement with the Iraqi government
  • The Arab world is so happy right now.
  • The Egyptian channels whether national or satellite are rewinding the clip over and over.
  • Strangely the Bagdadia Channel did not update its news website up till now "11:16 PM CLT" to include what their reporter had done. "It is updated now"
  • The Arabic Forums online considered Muntader a hero. 
  • Muntader is said to be a leftist journalist."It does not matter what his political views are because in that moment he did not represent himself or the Iraqi people but rather the whole people of the world who suffered from Bush for 8 years"
  • He is 29 years old ¨You can see a photo I found for him above¨
  • He was kidnapped before and was released last year.
  • Here is the complete video from AP "Enjoy it"


  1. I really appreciate your work and updates, I think you are the first bloggers who give attention to this and the quickest blogger who wrote about the show

  2. lol remember z the only other man that has that dubious distinction is ahmed maher. he was hit 'bel gazma' in ramalah a couple of years ago and the guy didn't miss.

  3. @Ahmed Shokier , and I thank you for your wonderful post in Arabic , this is what I want to say in Arabic

    @anonymous, yeah I remembered Ahmed Maher but he was not attacked in Ramallah , he wished that it would be in Ramallah,he was attacked in Jerusalem itself in the Aqsa Mosque itself can you imagine !!??
    They were bunch of guys where in the mosque ,they were members at the Islamists liberation army group which is banned and categorized as terrorist group in Egypt ,its members in Egypt are in jail and thus those guys were angry from Maher from this
    It is unforgettable

  4. Ha. Ha. Ha. Bye. Bye Bush... BushShit!

  5. Put another way, if Bush had ditched his security detail, and walked through some of the neighborhoods outside the Green Zone, would he have been "welcomed as a hero"? ;)

  6. Bush did not order the killing of 1,000,000 Iraqis. It is he Baath and Jihadis. The so-called "Iraqi resistance" that so far has killed 1000s of Iraqis is killing the Iraqis and I am appalled at Arab silence. Arabs were silent while saddam hussein killed the Iraqis and continue to be silent while baathists and jihadis kill them, restricting themselves to accusing the Americans. Had Zaidi dared even dream (not really attempt to throw) a shoe, or even a piece of paper, at saddam he and his family would be killed. He wouldn't be still alive and moreover capable of going on Jazira to talk about the torture. Real heroism was during the time of saddam, maybe then the Americans wouldn't have had an opportunity to go to Iraq. And my last point is about your comment about Maliki's men being like saddam's men, well, what do we expect? they haven't seen any different methods during their life.


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