Monday, December 29, 2008

Millions of Dollars

Hundreds of Millions of Dollars are spent each year on the New Year’s gala in the Arab world. Arab singers and belly dancers get paid Millions , Amr Diab will sing for US $ L.E 4 Million in Dubai.Shakira is going to sing in Abu Dhabi in the new year’s eve.
I do not say anything but are they going to have these galas after 48 hours from this war in Gaza ?? with all those who were killed ??
it is worth to mention that the Kharafi group has canceled its New Year’s eve celebration in Porto Galab at Marsa Alam in Egypt , I hope that others would follow the Kharafi group. “Check their ad in the first page of Al Ahram today”
I hope that the Egyptian TVs cancel their New Year’s Eve special this year in solidarity with Gaza.
Update No.1: 
The information minister Anas El-Faky decided to cancel the New Year's Eve special in the Egyptian National TV Channels, I hope that the private channels follow him just like Al Hayat and Dream TV1
Update No.2:
Dubai cancelled the New year's gala too 'Nancy Agram,Kadam Al Sahar and Mohamd Abdou were among the starts that are going to sing there,I do not know about Amr Diab"
Update No.3 :
Farouk Hosni gave his orders to cancel the New Year's eve Mohamed Mounir annual concert in the Cairo Opera housa

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