Monday, December 29, 2008

Follow Up:The war on Gaza

This is a war , not an operation.It is a war from one side , one powerful side against hopeless weak side. What is happening in Gaza will be written in history as a crime against humanity regardless of what is said now.

I just want to ask the Israelis something : Do You think that the Palestinians will give up when destroy or rather wipe Gaza from the face of the earth ??  For God Sake the Israelis lived with us the Arabs enough to know that !!??

Do they think that by bombing Hamas there will be no future Hamas of Children who lost their families in this savage operation and Peace will prevail ??

Peace is not built upon the blood of the children , Peace is not built upon the blood of the innocent civilians.

Anyhow here are the updates of the day.

  • Death toll reached to 345
  • Injured toll reached to 1650
  • The hospitals in Gaza can’t take anymore injured or dead.
  • Egypt at last opened the crossing of Rafah for the medical aids from other Arab countries like Qatar and Libya “I do not know why they open it now and not from the early beginning !!??”
  • There was a huge protest today in front of the Press Syndication downtown Cairo today.
  • It was mainly a MB protest but different political parties joined the huge protest.
  • There were about 20,000 as some had said but I am not so sure from this number.For sure there were more than 2,000 protesters despite the anti-riots forces everywhere in the street.
  • Tomorrow at the physicians syndication there will be a protest after the Magrab “Sunset” prayer. It is late time but it can be bigger taking in consideration that the Physicians syndication is a MB syndication.
  • The MB promised today that there will be more protests to force the government to open the crossings ,these protests  will include millions as they promised , for their luck the crossings have just been opened today.
  • Where is Saudi Arabia from all this jazz ??
  • By the way a Saudi Religious man issued a Fatwa saying in the current situation it is allowed to attack any Israeli target in any place in the world !! I think this fatwa should not have been issued now with all my respect.
  • Obama was debriefed by Condi about the situation for only 8 minutes !!!

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