Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ok Can Someone please Make Shabola Kindly Shut Up !!!

Shabaan Abd El-Rahim was the talk of the press in the Eid. He entered I.C the night of the Eid last week and according  to early press reports he suffered a strike from hashish overdose. The hospital announced they found out a piece of Hashish in his jacket pocket.There were some news reports said that they found traces of drugs in his blood.

The police had to investigate with Shabola who sang lots of moral songs against smoking and drugs and was among the stars who joined Amr Khaled Campaign against addiction  and was the spokesperson of the health ministry campaign against the Avian Flu this year !!

To tell you the truth I was not surprised because Shabaan is from a social class that does not regard Hashish as something bad as they claim. It is a common custom in the weddings and celebrations in the popular areas to find drugs specially Hashish, which is the most popular and oldest kind of drug in Egypt. It is just like a rapper or a hip-hop singer that smokes crack !!

It is more about a lifestyle.

Anyhow Shabola knows that he is an international celeb who appears in the CNN and he has to defend his position and thus we found his son saying that all these news reports were false ,they found nothing and there was nothing in his blood.

Then Shabola himself came and said that he does not smoke anything and that jacket was not his then it was his and that someone bad put him the piece of hashish in the pocket.

Shabola of course had his suspicion , a man like him got enemies all over the world and so he suspect Obama and the Israeli Mossad to be hidden that piece of hashish in his pocket !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He attacked Obama after endorsing him and of course he is the man who hates Israel and loves Amr Moussa !!

I do not know what kind of game he is playing but it is silly one and we are not joking. If he is really innocent then he should find another way by not making himself a joke.

I do not like to find this sort of news in international websites as it always happens.

Look I do not hate Shabola but from two weeks ago I found that MBC channel on air in its morning show “Good Morning Arabs”  {like Good morning Egypt} was hosting another singer from Shabola criteria and the TV hosts made fun of him in the most worst way ever , in the end these men are Egyptians , I felt that they are deliberately host those men to make fun from Egyptians now.

Enough is Enough


  1. yeah it is sad, it seems that some of our arab brethren are out to ridicule us! but you know what it doesn't help when we have clowns like shabola and this science project speaking in our name!!!!


  2. LOL Are you serious?? Did he really accuse Obama and Mossad of that hashish piece story?!

    I guess I should go ahead and update my Tramadol post then :-)

  3. @Farouk, sometimes I feel that we should ignore Shabaan and Co.,our media should not pay attention to them

    @Hina wi Hinak, I did not believe it at first but he kept repeating it in very interview in the newspapers and magazines last week !!


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