Wednesday, December 17, 2008

7 to 15 Years are waiting Muntader :(

It is not surprise to me after all this is the American administration puppet government in Iraq  .

Today the Iraqi government spokesperson said Muntader had confessed that he attacked President Bush “it is illegal in Iraq to attack the President of a foreign country even if that president invaded Iraq and caused the death of thousands of its people and destroyed it completely” in front of a judge and that accordingly he will be sent to jail for 7 to 15 years according to article 223 for law no. 111 for year 1969 in  Iraq !!

It is interesting to know that the laws of the Baath regime are still there in Iraq !!!

Meanwhile the official spokesperson of the Iraqi interior ministry has denied the allegations that Muntader was tortured.

Muntader should be released immediately.

By the way I share with you this fantastic cartoon from Daily News Egypt  by Tarek Shahin


  1. Seriously, I can't even fathom what would be going through the head of a judge if he gets sentenced to more than a month. Who would want to be the dick head Iraqi judge that sentences him to more than that????

  2. Leaving comments on your blog is kind of an ordeal if you want it to be a spontaneous thing. So many steps.

  3. We are still waiting for another shoe in the faces of the snakes who are commiting the most horrendous crimes in Iraq- Ali Khameini and Najad


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