Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Eva Habil : The First Woman Mayor

Eva Habil entered the Egyptian history as the first woman mayor in Egypt. Eva became a mayor of Komboha at Assuit in the Upper Egypt. The echo of the news is so big after all she is a woman in the UPPER Egypt where customs and traditions have not changed for thousands of Eva and the people of her village years and are more stronger than Religions themselves.

Overall from outside it is huge victory to the feminist movement in Egypt but if you look inside you will find that in the end it is not a real change.
Eva Habil is from the young stars who impressed President Mubarak in the NDPC this year with their new thinking ,yes she is a NDPian and heads the women's committee in her governorate , you know what I mean when I say that she is a NDPian. Already I do not consider her young ,she is 53 years old !! well they consider Gamal Mubarak a young man up till now !!
Eva Habil is the daughter of the last mayor of the village who already inherited from his father , it runs in the family.

She was appointed by the interior ministry. Yes there were other 5 men running for the same position but she was chosen and I think it Eva in her interview with the AFP was because of her position in the NDP at the first place
I see it with my respect all another form of political inheritance.
I would have considered Eva Habil as a real rule breaker in Upper Egypt if she were not a member in the NDP from a regular family that is not related to the Mayor from near or far.I would have considered her as an icon in the history of Egypt if she were elected just like in all the civilized the countries not appointed not by the interior ministry.The real change in Upper Egypt will be when the people themselves , the men themselves choose a woman to become a mayor because they think she is qualified for this position.

Here is the AFP report about her and I do not like the fact they inserted the religion in to the topic , of course the reporter missed her NDP connection

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  1. my best wishes toeva , the true and real egyptian ... im sure she will do a lot for her village ,i hope we will have soo many like eva , good real poeple who works hard for their poeple, countrywithout mixing that good cause with religion .. all the best for u eva . from masrya like you.


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