Wednesday, December 17, 2008

About Down Town Bars

I read the report of International Herald tribune about the Down Town Bars that are disappearing. I do not know why I feel that the report is giving the impression that the disappearance of bars is a bad things thanks to religion !! As if the society won’t be advanced or tolerant with each without bars !!! As if we won’t have a civilization without a bar !!!
With my all respect to the report and Dr. Alaa Al Aswani , I think the majority of the Egyptian society do not drink alcohols for religious reasons since very old time not only recently.

These bars were originally opened down town for foreigners starting from the 19th century. Only the Egyptian high and middle high classes that wanted to imitate the west used to go to these bars,let’s not fool ourselves with the old films and in even in old films only villains used to go to bars and night clubs , they were there but not welcomed by the majority of the people.
Stop talking about the basic Islamic believes most Egyptians believe in and practice as if they were alien from our society and as if in the old good time Egyptians were all seculars. Stella Beer 1957 ad
Already I do not know what is more disturbing the closure of the Down town bars or how Down town has become !! I do not know why I have the feeling that the IHT thinks that Down Town is only a bars zone !! You got old theatres ,cinemas and shops if they are revived they will be good to Egypt more.

It is not about religion , Down town is a popular area not a classy area anymore, the new class trendy lads and gents won’t go to some old bar even if it were 100 years old to sit in front of some boring old bartender ,they want the cool cocktail bartender type with djs and loud music. This is the truth. If I hate to say it but Dr. Aswani loves the past more than I do , he should have known better.

Anyhow Alcohols are back in Egypt , strangely I got old issues from Akher Saa and only Stella was only there, just check any A Class Lifestyle magazine for instance December’s issue of Enigma , ads of Whisky and Vodka are everywhere. You got Drinkie’s outlets everywhere in major urban cities.

The new A Class is its way to be alcoholic as I see it.

Those who still drink alcohols in the working class still prefer Stella ,the beer,the hot beer to be specific.

I do not know why all that fuss about the bars and alcohols in Egypt lately , I think Community times’ issue in December contains a special report about the old bars in Egypt too ,also another magazine was speaking about the Wine industry in Egypt “For the record the wine from Alex’s grapes farms was a famous internationally”

I am afraid there are much important places and stuff are disappearing from our Egyptian life that need our attention than bars. I wish that all the bars in Egypt would be closed and instead of them hospitals,libraries,schools and home shelters would opened instead.

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