Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Question to The Syrians Abroad ??

I want to ask the Syrians who live abroad an innocent question :

Why do not you sue Rafeat Al Assad and Abd El-Halim Khadam in the International Criminal Court for war crimes against the Syrian people ??

Both of them now live in European countries and are no longer part of the Syrian regime. Both men were part of the Al Assad regime that made terrible human crimes against the Syrian people. There is blood on their hands that can’t be erased.Khaddam

I felt so sad when I know that the MB of Syria put their hands in the hands of Abdel Halim Khaddam after all what he had done against them and against the Syrian people !!?? This move I am afraid  discredited them. Of course Khaddam has now become Egypt and Saudi Arabia favourite Syrian Opponent. He lives in Paris I think as a refugee. By if the Syrians do not want to sue , then the Lebanese could , this man was responsible for the Lebanese file in the Syrian regime for about 20 years.

I feel even more sadder when I know that Rafeat Al Assad with all what he is done is still free in the world with wild crazy hope that one day he will return to Damascus as a President !!??

Rafeat Al Assad with the money he stole from Syria is living like a king in Europe “I think he live between UK and Spain”, he got a satellite TV Channel called “ANN”. It disappeared for some time from the Nile Old Refaat Al Asad Sat but it is back along with our cold relations with Syria. It is so sad. Strangely Rafeat Al Assad was standing beside his brother making fun and attacking President Sadat in late 1970s as I recall.

I know it is the dirty game of Politics , those men for sure are now in the American side.They are giving help to the CIA and to any other country’s intelligence service against the Current regime in Syria in return of protection and possible bargain of power if the Iraqi scenario is repeated.

Still I do not find a good reason why the Syrians abroad do not sue them, I am not speaking about the Syrians inside Syria because I know they can’t do it but what about those educated Syrians abroad who care for their motherland and who left Syria because of thoseYoung RAA two men !!??

I do not find a good reason why those criminals are not considered a war criminal like AL Bashir and Augusto Pinochet !!??

Abdel Halim Khaddam and Rafeat Al Assad have blood on their hands from the Palmyra Prison massacre to the Hama attack and other terrible incidents which the world has forgotten them deliberately with no respect to those innocent people who were killed in.

By the way here is a very strange disturbing old video for the women commandos of Dr. Rafeat Al Sadat in the Syrian army in 1980s I think who could eat snakes alive but could not liberate Al Golan heights !!

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