Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Again What kind of weapon is this ??

The WP and DIME were certainty used in the invasion of Gaza thanks to the clear as the sun evidences from photos to victims to remains itself.

Still I believe there were other prohibited weapons , new mass destruction weapons used against the civilians of Gaza. Yes I described them as mass destruction weapons.

After all what kind weapon from hell that turns a baby in to this ??

This footage was shot by Ramattan during the barbaric Nazi attack , I know it is shocking and hard but it is not fake , it is real, it happened

I won’t apologize for this tough graphic content because this is the least thing I can do to expose those war criminals in Tel Aviv in all possible ways.

Think in this way : It is for the sake of humanity that these weapons used to kill children in that way to be damaged and those people who are using them should be punished.

Already I do not know who ever made such weapons can sleep at night !!??


  1. Arabs still in comma as our infants are being erased!! however God is great, they will be punished!! one day they will pay for this!

  2. insh Allah they will ,be sure of that Mayssaloun


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