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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thank You Dr. El-Baradi

Dr. Mohamed El-Baradi ,the director general of the IAEA cancelled an interview with BBC objecting on the decision of the network not to air the Gaza aid call. Thank you Dr. El-Baradi. I am so proud of him , this man is an Egyptian.

Already I forget to mention that that IAEA dispatched a team of its inspectors to our borders to know whether Israel has used depleted Uranium or not . Yes Israel May have used depleted Uranium on our borders !!

Anyhow Back to the BBC.

You can show the BBC your refusal through their complain web form, already it seems that they received a lot of complains regarding their position that they issued another statement defending it. Read also Mark Thompson’s post regarding Gaza and do not forget the comments , they are much more important. Mark Thompson is the general director of the BBC and he is currently accused of being biased to Israel.

Today there is going to be a protest at the BBC HQ in Scotland.There is also a call in UK to boycott the famous network.

There are already British actors who are threatening to boycott the network if they do not air the appeal, among those actors : Golden Globe winner and academy award nominee Samantha Morton.

Now to Palestine :

I think I posted this Palestinian Blog from Gaza before but it won’t harm if I re-posed it again “Gaza Strip : The untold Story” , Sameh, the owner of the blog wrote a post about Loaui, whom he already met. He met him before he was transferring in Saudi Arabia and before the sad news came from there that he won’t see again !!

"I hope you visit me again and you will go with me to take footage and photos of the place where the car was hit. I will also make a scene for you about how I flew. But I need you to help me recover quickly so I can go to school again and play with some of my friends. I don't know if they are alive or not."

Loaui said these words to Sameh,I do not want to imagine how he received the news he will not see again.

Believe it or not sometimes I believe  that he ,Gamila and Samar will make it in the future and they will be successful and famous despite what we think as their disabilities , they are not disabled but those who hurt them like that are the real disabled. Insh Allah they will

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