Egyptian Chronicles: At last an official reaction regarding the Main Blood bank !!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

At last an official reaction regarding the Main Blood bank !!

At last the officials began to comment about the Main Blood bank issue.

First the CEO of Vacesra  Dr. Magda Rakha denied any contamination in the main blood bank in Egypt and that they did not close it

and second the minister of health Hatem El-Gabali denied that there was a contamination in the blood bank in front of the Parliamentary health committee ,there was an inquiry in the Parliament about the blood bank thank God. El-Gabli considered the news as rumours and he promised that those spread these rumours from the ministry health would be punished !!

I do not know why I am afraid to believe them.

May be there was a contamination that took place and they fixed the matter but are afraid to admit it for fear of accountability , there is no smoke without fire.

The problem is that you do not have other choice except to believe them and pray to God that they are honest,where else you can get blood !!??

I hope that they fix what ever problem they have in the main blood bank because we do not need any other disaster in this country !!

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