Egyptian Chronicles: The Pupils of Gaza

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Pupils of Gaza

Originally from Farfahinne of Lebanon

The students of Gaza are back to schools.

I do not need to say that those labels are for the students who were killed in the Gaza war

Israel destroyed several schools from the UNRWA’s 211 schools in the sector. Already it targeted the UNRWA schools with WP.

Still there is a hope the UAE donated to rebuild the UNRWA damaged schools.

More than 437 child were killed in the war and You can double this number for the injured. Many Palestinian Pupils in Gaza can’t attend schools now because of their injuries like Gamila and Louai.

Again I end with Nizar Qabbani’s words:

O’ pupils of Gaza
Care not . . about our broadcasts . .

And hear us not . .

Strike . .
Strike . .

With all your powers
And firmly in your hands take matters

And ask us not . .
We the people of arithmetic . .
And of addition . . And of subtraction . .

Your wars do carry on.. And abstain from us . .
We’re the deserters
from the service,
Your ropes do bring
And hang us . . .

We’re mortals . .
Who possess not tombs
And orphans . .
who possess not masters
We kept already to our rooms . .

And we asked you
To fight the dragon . .
We’ve diminished, before you

A thousand century . .

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  1. The ICC, the International Court of Justice, in the Hague, was set-up specifically to prosecute and bring to justice those responsible for the worst crimes - genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes - committed anywhere in the world. The court has been signed and ratified by over 100 countries globally, including the UK, Germany, France, Poland, Canada, Australia etc – although the US, Iran and Israel are amongst those who have signed but not yet ratified.

    Notwithstanding this, if evidence is confirmed that the Israeli army deliberately or knowingly killed unarmed civilians, including hundreds of children and dozens of women – then the European Union should initiate steps to have arrest warrants issued against the two Israeli ministers responsible for the military action in Gaza, i.e. EHUD OLMERT and EHUD BARAK.

    In such an eventuality, these two persons should be brought before the ICC to answer charges of war crimes against the people of Gaza. The fact that Israel has signed a comprehensive agreement of co-operation with the European Union, (the EU-Israel Association Agreement), gives the EU the right – and indeed the duty – to take action to bring any such persons suspected of war crimes before the World Court.

  2. Dear anonymous, I have question , if Israel has not ratifed the court agreement , then we won't be able to sue them there ??


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