Egyptian Chronicles: At least we became the first over the world in something

Thursday, January 29, 2009

At least we became the first over the world in something

We turned to be the world's biggest wheat importer after all !!We became No.1 in something Children of the Nile !!
Egypt still hopes to buy imported Ukrainian Wheat on the condition that the quality and price are acceptable.
Last year there was a huge scandal the government try to keep it low when it turned out that the wheat we imported from Ukraine did not meet the Egyptian specification of quality , it was considered a corrupted wheat shipment.
Call me what ever you want but I feel sad when once upon time we were from the main exporters of wheat in this world ,OK this is a little ancient , but once upon time we had our "Wheat Day" and Abdel Wahab sang for this day along with Laila Fawzy , this was so from 50 years ago only. Yes our population is increasing but on the other hand you got a lot of resources from land,irrigation sources and climate that can increase your domestic production of wheat to the level you can export it.
You waste your land and water in useless luxurious compounds and useless golf courts. 
It is not a matter of economy or food supply but it is rather of national security nature. I am afraid the government does not do any effort to try to increase our domestic production of wheat in order to reach the level of self-sufficiency ,instead it relies on importing and other wicky solutions from leasing agricultural land in Sudan,Canada and East Europe !! Yes can you believe the land of the Nile leases pieces of land from other countries to get wheat !!??
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  1. I remember from my days in political science that Egypt only produced enough staple food to feed about 60% of it's population, the rest had to be purchased. I believe because too much land was being used to grow cotton (that was or is given to the US in return for foreign aid).

  2. Abu Hamza, I do not think that our Egyptian Cotton is the reason, already now the Egyptian cotton itself suffers from lots of problems thanks to the policies of the Egyptian agricultural ministry
    We have a lot of land that can be reclaimed to satisfy our needs


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