Thursday, January 29, 2009

Two New H5N1 hot spots in Alexandria

New two H5N1 hot spots were found in Alexandria : Maamoura and Khorshid negihbourhoods.
There are 2 citizens transferred to the hospital in Alexandria for the suspicion of being H5N1 victims.
The victims are Kowathar Mohamed "housewife" and her son Bassiouny Reda Bassiouny "3yrs old". It is not confirmed yet that H5N1 positive.
I am quite surprised because Alexandria suffered less than the less of the country from H5N1.
BY the way the State information service launched a dedicated website following the progress of H5N1 in Egypt.
You can find all the official press releases of the health ministry there.
It seems that the pigs farms are going to be transferred whether the raisers like it or not to the 15th May city in Helwan Governorate away from Cairo and Giza.
I wonder if this is really going to happen or not .

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