Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Death Slide show from Gaza

The Death slide show

I have collected these images every day since the beginning of Gaza land operation up till now. I used some of the photos from the slide show in my posts regarding Gaza still there are some horrible photos that I did not share it with you publicly.

These horrible images are evidence of the war crimes and the brutality of the IDF , I am posting this time in the slide show as kind of respect to the victims “mostly children”. If You think that these photos are too horrible to be shared and seen well remember my dear friend those photos were for Children who killed for no reason at all.

I am not sorry for posting these horrible photos as much as I am sorry for this world and its shameful silence on that massacre.

Please share it.


  1. Perhaps the following might be of interest.

    "We will not go down" (Song for Gaza) by Michael Heart

    Zenobia, many thanks for speaking up for the Palestinians. It seems the only time the world notices them is when they are butchered.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. لقد نشرته عندي مع الإشارة للمصدر
    مجهودك في تلك الأزمة رائع يا زي وإن كنت أخاف عليك من كثرة الإرهاق
    خالص الود


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