Sunday, January 18, 2009

What about the babies of Gaza ??

There are some kings and Presidents in the Arab world who are  completely absent from what is going in Gaza,leaving it to the front countries as usual despite their people are so angry . From those kings , the king of Morocco, Mohamed VI who heads the Quds commission.

Where is he ?? well it seems that he and his country’s secret service84256719 are busy with another important matter : The identity of Rachida Dati’s baby father !!!!

Why would the king of Morocco and the Moroccan secret service care to know the identity of the father of the French minister of Justice’s daughter ??

Yes she is from Arabic Moroccan-Algerian origin but she is French and lives in France. She is a grown up woman and she is responsible for her acts. I mean how it will be dangerous to the Moroccan national security if Zohra’s real father was the former Prime minister of Spain !! and if he really hates the guy and wants to restore back his land from Spain why he does not do something real !!??

Anyhow there are babies who are really dying in Gaza and his people are extremely angry and his S.S wants to know the father of Zohra, how pathetic is this !!??

The Royal Family in Morocco has strong relations with Israel , this is something historical , Moshe Dyan met Hassan El-Tohamy in Morocco in a meeting prepared by King Hassan II in 1970s so you can imagine the strength of these hidden relations. King Mohamed VI should use that relation to save the Palestinians in Gaza, he can do a lot for sure regardless of his faraway position from the whole noise.

Mentioning the news of official Morocco , why did really the Moroccan government withdraw its ambassador from Carcass ?? Is it really for the Western Sahara issue !!??

Well I think it is plain stupid now with my all respect because Venezuela has recognized the Western Sahara since 1982 !!!!  So I wonder why King Hassan II did not withdraw his ambassador from Carcass all that time.

Surely Carcass is not the only capital that recognize the Western Sahara as an independent entity. For God sake there are other countries in the world that recognize the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic “SADR”. Strangely these countries are still having Moroccan Embassies like for instance Mexico so why now Mohamed IV decides this strange decision when Venezuela becomes the new ally of Arabs in South America ?? In time we are in a very bad need to an ally.

I still do not get this move at all.

By the way I really respect the position of the Moroccan Jews from the war in Gaza. I think the King of Morocco should call for a multi religions prayer in solidarity with Gaza , it will be a very powerful message.


  1. Not every leader/king/dictator/country has the desire to meddle in a never-ending conflict which is a political swamp as well.
    I know it's hard to believe, especially for people directly involved in the horrible war, but life goes on in other countries.

    btw, i sincerely hope that this was either cynical or that you can back it up "well it seems that he and his country’s secret service84256719 are busy with another important matter : The identity of Rachida Dati’s baby father !!!!"

    Other than that, nice post :)

  2. @Youssef, surely life goes on and surely there are other important stuff in Morocco than Rashdia Dati's daughter !!
    I do not to know if it is cynical or not because this happens in the real life, in fact I do not know what is more cynical knowing the father of Rashida Dati's daughter or to withdraw the ambassador from Venezuela now!!??

  3. But can you back it up that they find that more important? That was my question.
    Can you back it up that both the regime and the secret service find it more important?

    If not, than your post/argument doesn't stand up.
    Not every Arab (if you can call moroccans that) is interested in what happens in Gaza/Israel.
    So even if they find that less important than rachida dati, nothing wrong that.


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