Saturday, January 17, 2009

And Mubarak is a winner !!

Mubarak refuses to open the crossings because he fears on the national security ,it is a red line. Sinai won’t be a substitute nation to the Palestinians.

Some people admired Mubarak for that and stood beside him against the media war and attack from all over the Arab world except Saudi Arabia our Alley.

Mubarak refuses any foreign forces on our borders , it is a red line. This time the Americans and the Israelis crossed a red hot line regarding the Egyptian National security with their security agreement.

More people admire Mubarak now this time include me for this.

Now Mubarak is the national hero who cares about the unity and dignity of his country officially !! He stood against the Palestinians and the Arabs for Egypt’s sake and he is standing against the Israelis and the Americans for Egypt’s sake.

Mubarak by a miracle , a political miracle thanks to America and Israel is winning a lot of popularity in the Egyptian Street in time he needs even a half point of popularity in the Egyptian street not in the Arabic street despite his last speech can earn some points there. It reminds the Arabs with the EGYPT and gives them hope that EGYPT may return back to the Arab side not to the American-Israeli side.

There is noticeable shift in the official talk that everyone noticed and felt today whether from Mubarak or from his FM Abu El-Gait.

Mubarak and Abu El-Gait attacked Israel and even blamed it for the first time. I did not see it coming from any side at all.

Mubarak looks younger some how, I do not know.

Abu El-Gait said poetry regarding the resistance for the first time , I do not know if it is fever or not. He said also that Egypt was not obliged to comply with the security agreement regarding Hamas arms smuggling.

And guess what in the moderate countries summit that will be held tomorrow in Sharm El-Sheikh it seems that USA is not invited officially like the EU countries !!

I do not know if Mubarak will translate his anger from the Americans and the Israelis in more actions than words.

But seriously the US and Israel saved Mubarak without knowing that they saved him. Mubarak’s position in the Arab world is very bad thanks to his Foreign policy miscalculations.

I do not know but I feel that Osama Al Baz is back in the picture again.

Of course I will wait tomorrow to see that I am not dreaming.

By the way the Hamas leaders should not wish for more from Mubarak  because I do not know what to expect more from the Egyptian regime after all that time !!??  This is the surprise of the day to me and it is happy surprise because Mubarak now is on the right track , if you are speaking about sovereignty then you should not accept this agreement.

From another point I feel that this agreement is a burden on Obama , already I can’t imagine how the first 100 days of Obama will be economy from one side , disaster in the Mideast from another side.


  1. Please get rid of the annoying voiceover that comes on as soon as I open your blog. It is truly annoying.

    You seem to be happier with Mubarak now and indeed you should be.He has been a very responsible leader and you give too little credit to the Americans and the Israelis The Egyptians have very wisely not joined the battle which have been a horrible mistake for Egypt and world peace. Hamas is the problem not a solution. Israel is here to stay and Arabs must accept the fact rather than joining in to foment useless struggles. I thank you for reminding me of Osama El Baz for whom I have great respect. Hopefully he can provide his wiadom and common sense (too often utterly lacking)to arrive at a solution. Again I counsel that blind hate will never stop the killing of innocent Palistinians or Israelis. Only a sincere desire for peace can achieve this

    I have not written for a few days because I thought your tone had become hysterical rather than well reasoned. Al Jazeera does not always tell the truth and much of what they say is aimed towards inflaming the Arab street. How sad! Unvarnished truth is hard to find. As for press freedom I would venture to say there is the utmost freedom here. Al Jazeera has been available here for some time and it is expanding its coverage.

  2. if it is so then egyptians deserve such president!
    for GOD sake! they were humen being killed near you and your president kept egypt unity and you are proud of him? your poor traitorous president cant keep ruling one second, cant even drink a glass of water without permission of usa and isreal and you are admire him? so you may be proud of this scandalous dependance or naively belive this circus of patriotism and what kind of noble patriotism is this at the expense of more than 1000 human life. what a noble proud. thank's god a milion time we havnt got such government.

  3. I don't think Mubarak gained popularity in Egypt lately but i believe the conflict in Gaza just reminded the people of his good side.. which in my opinion is Foreign Policy! I believe that many people in Egypt disagree with Mubarak on every single thing he does inside in the country but tend to agree with regarding his foreign policy.. the last period had much catastrophes in the inside.. and that's why his image was very bad lately.. so the war on Gaza was actually a great opportunity to let him gain some momentum again..

  4. What are you talking about? Sinai is peppered with MFO (Military Foreign Observers) from the days of camp David. Get your facts right.

  5. Mubarak is a winner! What on earth are you talking about ?!!
    Asking for an immediate ceasefire just hours before Israel decides on this, is just showing how hopeless he became. Turing the tone against Israel and USA is yet another sign of the slap on the face he got from them.
    This guy and his regime didn't get either "Bala7 el Shaam" or "3enab el Yaman".

  6. @Hagar
    From your name I sense you are an Arab.. So I wonder, what other government you are proud to have?!
    As if it makes a difference!

  7. His anger? What anger??

    I can't believe this! I think @Moftasa is absolutely right: "Facts"! I hold no admire to Mubarak. No admire! And unfortunately we, Egyptians, are BIG losers. It is a big misery that we lose our wit when we hear *lies*.

    Back to facts:

    Jan 7th: US Corps of Engineering deployed at borders.

    Jan 16th: Signing the Memorandum of Understanding.

    So I think 7 comes before 16. Right?

    In simple words: That means Mubarak agreed before hand & started to implement the Memorandum before it being signed! So who is extremely sincere to US and Israel?

    Discretion please.

  8. To Dick Smith,

    you say: "Give credit to the Americans and the israelis".
    Spoken like a true WESTERN politician, a pompous ass.
    Only a Western politician or a totally gullible person would offer such advice.

    You say: “ Israel is here to stay and Arabs must accept the fact rather than joining in to foment useless struggles”.

    Well now, let us see….. Ever heard of Alexander the Great? How about the Persian empire or the Byzantine empire or the Roman empire or the British empire or the Soviet empire or may be the Berlin wall?
    Oh I forgot, ever heard of the Egyptian empire to which a great part of the “Levant” including the area of Palestine belonged, a long time before Abraham was conceived!

    Can you tell me where did all these go??? Because I bet you each one of those empire said as you and countless others said: “HERE to STAY”.

    You say "I counsel that blind hate will never stop the killing of innocent Palestinians or Israelis. Only a sincere desire for peace can achieve this goal."

    You are obviously unable to comprehend (like many Westerners) that, on the Palestinian side, hate is not the prime motivator for the Palestinians behaviour, but RESISTING the OCCUPATION is.

    The Palestinians way of life has been destroyed by the Europeans Zionist Jews who
    stole Palestine and ethnic cleansed it by force since before 1948 with the support and collaboration of the WESTERN politicians and governments.

    Resisting occupation is the right of every human being, even if it takes more than 60 years and even if people like you have forgotten or don’t know what the fight is about and why it continues.

    END THE OCCUPATION and the fighting and killing will end.

    Tell me mister "counsellor" do you assume that israeli governments have "a sincere desire for peace"?
    There is no evidence of that whatsoever.
    But I am sure a keen Western mind like yours knows best......

    By the way, how would you like it if I attacked your home killed half your family threw the other half into the desert or the bog and took your house and your land and told you to go and live with your neighbour because he has a big house?

    I wonder how do you define the word “sincere”?

  9. Zainab, I stopped to believe the nonsense he tells in the media long ago, history tells us that red lines in politics exists on two dimensions, the visible one and the invisible one, I believe this is on the visible one, I believe all he cares is that israel and USA went public with this agreement, I believe he would agree and contribute in it, follow it if only it was one of the many secret agreements that he used to hold without us in the picture -as if we ever were in the picture !!-

    Do you know what I think more? I think he will finally do it, apply their agreement but on the invisible dimension, the hero of the ppl can do anything as long as the ppl are not involved in it :(

  10. Anon, you make some good points about defunct empires but somehow you failed to mention the “Thousand Year” Third Reich and the Holocaust that resulted in the murder of several million Jews who had lived in Europe for centuries. This terrible crime set the scene for the establishment of the State of Israel. I say that Israel is there to stay for a long time because they have no place else to go and they have the power and the will to fight to the last man.

    In the meantime innocent Palestinians intermittently suffer death and destruction because diehard fanatics of Hamas press the fight for a return to lands that most of them personally never lived on. To me this defies cold hard logic. You deny that the Israelis have a sincere desire for peace. I remind you that the Israelis returned the Sinai to Egypt based on the Camp David accords after receiving assurances that the Sinai would not be occupied by Egyptian Military Forces that could threaten Israel; President Sadat went to Israel and was well received. His later assassination by a fanatical Egyptian group was reprehensible.

    For the past 25 years there has been peace and prosperity in the Sinai, except for terrorist bombings in Tabah and Sharm el Sheik. However allowing Rafah to become a supply gateway for rockets and other arms was a terrible mistake and jeopardized the peace. There could also be peace in Gaza if the Hamas leadership would overcome their pride and hate for Israel and make a deal.


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