Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Her name is Gamila Habbash. She is 15 years old. She is a Palestinian from Gaza. She was playing along with her cousins on their house’s roof just like any kid in the world. But  an Israeli drone fired a missile towards them, killing two of her cousins and injuring two others. Gamila lost her legs in this glorious operation of the IDF

Despite her injury Gamila did lose hope , she is always smiling with the news reporters and journalists.
She has a wish that when she grows up she will be a news anchorwoman.
Insh Allah she will be a news anchorwoman
Now it is reported that Gamila may be one of the victims of the newly weapon toy Israel is using in this filthy war. She could the victim of Dime. It became a fact that Israel is using prohibited weapons. By the way it won’t be the first time Israel uses prohibited weapons , in 1967 Napalm was thrown on the citizens of the Canal Zone cities not to mention our army in Sinai but I am afraid the world was silent and guess here is the result !!??
Strangely the world was introduced to Dime also in Gaza in July/ August 2006 when a team from RAI reported that Israel was using a new weapon. That new weapon would cause abnormally serious physical injuries. The doctors in Gaza noticed the pattern of wounds they were treating were unusual, with severed legs that showed signs of severe heat at the point of amputation but no metal shrapnel. All the fingers of accusation were pointed to the newly and secretly US developed DIME.
The DIME bomb is reportedly made of HMTA, a tungsten alloy that disrupts body biochemistry, damages the immune system, rapidly causes cancer, and attacks DNA. Of course in our case the unknown weapon here in Gaza , it does not cause Cancer but rather causes strange fearful injuries , may be from 2006 to 2009 there were new modifications or changes. May it does not go for the DNA, do not forget “is reportedly”
Many experts in the Arab world and also aboard believe it is the Dime of course I believe the scientific evidence can lead it to the truth, we can take sample from the burned tissues, we have the photos of the injuries themselves not to mention to the remains of the target locations can be analyzed , of course in time of war we can’t do this but whenever this war stops ,we must do this.
Of course it is easy thing to speak like this ,but we must do something for real ,at least publish those horrible images and videos to expose those sick war criminals of the IDF in front of the Whole World.
look to that video  from Al Jazeera and please concentrate in the images they posted it, I know they are horrible but this is the truth,this is what is happening right now. 
At last I found Gamila's interview with Al Jazeera , you can watch it below 


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