Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nasr Factory to manufacture Proton Cars

It seems that the Nasr factory is no longer to work with Italian fiat but with the Malaysian Proton. There are undergoing negotiations between ministry of Industry and proton , I do not know in such economic crisis Proton would accept the ministry of industry offer or not !!

If you read about Proton you will know that it is much younger than Nasr Factory that was established in 1960s :(

It is a sad thing as now Proton has an international recognition and its factories in Malaysia are not for assembling foreign cars because of cheap labour !!

We need our own Mahathir Mohamed for sure.

Look I won’t lose hope that may be one day ,the Nasr factory will be strong powerful factory that will produce its own national brand , our own Egyptian national brand !! Call me a dreamy girl but we should not give up our dreams and hopes but rather work to achieve them. We should not lose hope ever because in the end change will happen and every nation it has its ups and downs. This country saw lots downs and this time is not the first and won’t be the last.


  1. You have not got the slightest clue of what you are writing!!! a7a 3aleki begad!

  2. well it is my blog and I am free to write with clue or no clue ;)

  3. One day insha'allah ... let the haters say what they want, we need optimistic people around, they think positive and act positive. May Allah bless you!

  4. Does Nasr Automotive still exist? obviously that Proton merge didn't go through


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