Saturday, January 10, 2009

What kind of bombs they are using this time ??

It became something well known that Israel is using the phosphoric bombs. Just watching the images of the burns in the Palestinian dead bodies in the first week was enough to know that they are using the phosphoric bombs not even the cluster bombs we know that they used in Lebanon.

But of course as a simple blogger I could not know that the IDF is using Phosphoric bomb, at first I thought they were experimenting some new bombs on the poor Gazans then I thought of their favourite cluster bombs.

Yet the photos of the IAF raids were the evidence the experts used to prove that Israel is using the phosphoric bombs especially these two photos.

Even international newspapers like the Times spoke about the matter.

Of course Israel denied that dangerous allegation of using internationally banned weapons against the citizens of Gaza.First of all it is targeting the so-called terrorists of Hamas and second these bombs are smoke bombs !!

They can say what ever they want but they can’t change the truth however they tried.

Now I know that  the photos above are for Phosphoric bombs but I do not know what kind of bombs used in the photo below.

The size of the smoke is too big and fearful.

Guys the phosphoric and cluster bombs are not the only banned weapons the IDF is using in this war against the Palestinians. Despite we do not know what kind of weapons they are using directly , we can know through analysing the photos of explosions “just like above” and the photos of the victims. Believe me our military experts can identify these weapons and bombs from the photos. We can expose the IDF in front of the world.


  1. That is what I call real terror.

    This morning, the news confirmed reports that the USA started an air operation to transport 350 containers of weapons from its Europe stores to Israel. This must be completed by the end of the month. It will certainly contain phosphoric bombs.

    The USA is openly part of the war on Palestine. Then you hear a stupid question:"Why do they hate us?".

  2. more weapons on the way !! Bush last present before leaving !!


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