Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Return of the Ottomans

You know which regional force or power that proved itself in the Gaza Crisis .
For Sure it is not Egypt as it is losing more power and in a very bad situation.
For Sure it is not Iran as far as I see,they are big mouths with my all respect
But it is Turkey.
The new moderate face of the Middle East.Seriously I admire their foreign policy ,it is an excellent example. I won't deny that I wish that we could learn from it.
Since day one the Turks played well like no other holding the stick from the middle. They have normal relations with Israel still this did not stop them from taking the side of the Palestinians and even from the side of Hamas, it is not about the fact that the cabinet in Turkey is Islamist , no no no. Check the strong speech of Ragab in the Parliament  
FYI Ehud Olmert visited Turkey a week before the attack and the Turkish prime minister had enough courage unlike our Egyptian officials to attack Olmert saying that he was deceived !! He did not think that it were weakness from his side to admit that he was deceived but again may be he has more creditability than Mubarak among his own people and the world. 84108679
He did not attack Hamas like our officials 24 hours and held it responsible for what the carnage in Gaza on contrary he defended it saying that Hamas tried to commit to the truce but it could not after this bitter inhuman siege and continual attacks from the IDF side , they had to defend themselves , they had to break this siege !!
You can't say that he is an Iranian agent or member of the axis of evil , this comes from Turkey and pleas do not tell it is because the Islamist government , it is not about the religion here I am afraid. It is matter of politics and forces.
Turkey did not oppress any protest
Turkey took the place of the Egypt and it is not Iran my dear ones.
Turkey was the one that mediating between Syria and Israel.
And now Hamas delegated Turkey to be the mediator for any truce talk "regardless of  the Cairo news"
And Now Turkey offers the forbidden option that Cairo refused : Sending a Turkish Peace keeping force in Gaza !! Man the Ottomans are back in Sham !!
Turkey was always attacked in the Arab world for its very close relations with Israel and its bad relations with the Arabs especially its Syrian neighbour but you can see this is changed. But strangely despite the Islamist cabinet came closer to the Arab world , it did  not lose its relations its very close relations with the Israelis.
On Al Jazeera channel from couple of days , a Syrian MP came and said "Our Turkish brothers !!".
The Turkish played it well .
The Ottomans whether we like it or not are here , they are not coming , they are already here
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  1. Zeinobia, Erdogan certainly showed courage and substance to admit that Israel was using disproportionate force. Our Australian government will not say anything critical of Israel.

  2. My dear Ardent , our own Egyptian government does not criticize Israel so you blame your Australian government

  3. Yep there goes another excuse Arab leaders love to hide behind, out the window... Ie, the excuse that the Turks do nothing for the Palestinians.

    How ironic that the Turks, who are not Arabs, and secular than us, have done more for the Palestinians than the regional "leaders" like Saudiya or Masr. It's amazing, and dissapointing at the same time.

    Btw, I also agree regarding your statement of the Ottomans. Turks are becoming more religious, and a lot more conscious about the Ummah once again. One of the biggest protests against Israel was in Turkey; it was so thick I couldn't see where it ended. This is evidence that the people care, and now their govt is starting to also.

    InshAllah, the Ottomans are coming back

  4. @Sultan1923 , you know many people in the Arab world ignore that even the seculars in Turkey are proud of their Ottoman heirtage , still the AKP is much more friendly to the Arabs
    More than ever now we should as Arabs put our hands in the hands of Turkey and even in Iran , we are facing our common challanges then ever , I think Turkey understood this and thus it act based on that "The new middle east" and the State of Kurdistan


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