Saturday, February 14, 2009

From Gaza with Love

From Gaza with love in the valentine’s day
Palestinian women prepare the red roses to be exported to Europe for the valentine.
I wonder how many of their beloved ones were killed last month in the Gaza war.
Happy Valentine Day 


  1. there's a pain... among the beautiful red roses...

  2. sure there is a pain , they were watered by blood and tears :(

  3. How funny that Egypt has changed the map of Palstine into Israel at our schools ...i was sad when i looked at my kids books looking for the map with the name of Palstine ..shame on them who allowed to print the children's books with the name of Israel instead of the name of Palastine ...Thank youi Gaze for each lesson you taught us ...You offered the red blood of your victms yesterday and you offer the red roses for Valantine

  4. Those are not red roses, dah 2oronful!

  5. @anonymous,the Egyptian state officially recognizes Israel , so it is no surprise to find the name of Israel in our books

    @anonymous, I think you are right but the international reports recognize it as red roses,either ways Gaza exports it despite its destruction and saddness


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