Friday, February 13, 2009

The Strike of the Pharmacists

If you live in Egypt be sure today that you get the medicine you want because for 3 days the Pharmacists will hold a strike and will close their pharmacy objecting the new decisions of the taxation authorities.
That decision was taken after their urgent general meeting today.
I know from last week that the Pharmacists were planning a strike and were threatening the government , there were negotiations but as usual they failed.
I respect their syndication so much,it is not like other syndication that take the government side.
Now it is the turn of the Pharmacists after the teachers, railways workers,Real Estate tax collectors and doctors !!!
I hope the government listen to their demands. According to their syndication the pharmacists should not be treated like this from the taxes authority especially they are keen to pay their taxes. I do not understand why the head of the taxes authority would cancel his processor’s decision with the Pharmacists !!
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