Egyptian Chronicles: Another H5N1 Human Infection

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another H5N1 Human Infection

This is officially according to the health ministry; 18 months Habiba Mahmoud Mohamed became case No.58 in th H5N1 human infection record in Egypt. She entered the hospital on Monday “yesterday”. She was suffering from a fever after she was exposed to dead birds “mostly domestic poultry”. Little Habiba is from the Monuf district in Monufia Governorate

The poor child was given tamflu and sooner she will be transferred to the Manshiat El-Bakery hospital in Cairo. Insh Allah I hope that Habiba will survive this bad deadly disease.

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  1. Saw the video and cheering for them and I loved it! It is about time the Police force learn to respect the Egyptian people! the police salary are from Egyptian tax money. The Police should know they are working for the Egyptian citizen and not the Egyptian citizen serving for them! The Police suppose to enforce and serve the law with respect to every citizen good or bad not to use and abuse them! I understand they acted this way because their friend were disrespect by the Police! Good that somebody send them the right message!

  2. I understand this point of view and believe it or not I was happy at first but those young men only acted like that because they are army cadets and not as Egyptian civilians and the police was afraid to do anything against them because they are army cadets
    the Egyptian civilian is still treated as an animal
    nothing has changed :(


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