Egyptian Chronicles: The Ultras War in Egypt

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Ultras War in Egypt

For weeks the football fans in Egypt are witnessing the war between the Ultras especially Al Ahly Club Ultras from one side and the 1_114_1941_52 former footballer and current NDP MP Ahmed Shobeir on the other side.

Last week the war escalated to a new level , from a media level to a legal level. The Ultras reported Shobeir to the general prosecutor.

My big Ahly fan cousin told me that Shobeir went too far , already he is fighting only the Ahly Ultras in particular because of his fight with Al Ahly club itself.

I do not know much about the football affairs in Egypt but I have enough from this war Shobeir declared on the Ultras groups , yes the Ultras groups can go bit violent but Shobeir went too far with his warnings and attacks on them as groups of terrorists and addicts !!  To make the State security get involved in this issue is too much.The Ultras is not a danger on the nationals security for God Sake.

Already I do not get the game here , you want the youth to get busy with football and leave Politics but then you fight them for being football fanatics !! How do you want them to fill their lives then??

All What I am afraid from is that Shobeir will be killed in that way,Seriously.

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