Egyptian Chronicles: Army of Vigilantes

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Army of Vigilantes

I watched from two days ago very disturbing videos. These videos were uploaded by Wael Abbas on Monday and unlike the previous videos he uploaded before they are much more recent , they were filmed on Sunday night and they are not torture videos.
Without introductions these videos were shot by the War school cadets who stormed the 15th May City Police station, the number of the students was big according to the eye witnesses,  some are saying there were about 150 cadets in the scene.
The story started earlier when some police officer led a War school cadet who was praying in some Mosque in the area to the Police station, they wanted to take his War school id despite it is against the law “Do not ask why as I do not know”. At  the Police Station he was humiliated and abused verbally and physically.Of course they let him go afterwards. He returned to the War school where his friends knew what happened to him and as the police and army hate each other for some unknown reason it became a matter of dignity not only for his friends but for the whole class  who decided to teach the whole Police station not to mess with a future army officer again !!
They came in private cars and microbuses at night where they threw stones at the Police station. They set 2 police vehicles and 2 motorcycles on fire. 8 persons were injured including two cadets and the sheriff of the police station himself !! It is worth to mention that that Sheriff was so hated in the area.
Dune came and the students of the war school won their battle against the 15th of May Police Station !!

I think the videos were leaked by one of the War school cadets.
Look to be honest I was little hesitant to publish this post because in the end this is the Egyptian army we are speaking about , God knows how much I am proud and respect it and I am so careful in what I publish about it ,I had to publish about the incident because I found it was alarming on many levels.
  • These young cadets were not the future officers of the Egyptian army , they were angry vigilantes who are breaking the laws in order to avenge for their colleague , this is a sign of Chaos , someone innocent may have been hurt on that night
  • The police is hated on all levels in Egypt, all the feedbacks came on the videos were cheering for those boys that stormed the police station.
  • The important point , why did not the administration of the war school act on behalf of that cadet and restore back his right in a more civilized way ?? Because this is what should have happened, the future officer of tomorrow should complain to his school administration and they handle the matter but it seems that he knew he or his friends at least knew that he would not restore his dignity or rather their dignity except in this way . “I have the feeling in fact I am certain that the administration of the school knew what was going to happen”
  • There is no law at all in this country ,this is another alarming sign of coming chaos.
The media did not tackle this incident, already speaking about the army is a taboo in the Egyptian media except for the official press releases published by the ministry of defense PR . This is not a Mubarak era thing ,it is a legacy from the Nasserite era. Only hinted to the incident without mentioning that those 150 students that stormed a police in 15th of May city were from the War school !!
Again this is alarming , so alarming , we should not be quiet about it , we should speak about it and discuss it. Those 150 cadets will be 150 officers who will be responsible for  our children’s security not only us.

Updated : 
It turned out there were restrict orders to the newspapers in Egypt according to the BBC not to publish anything from near or far regarding the incident.
I believe the head of the War school will not stay in his position to attend the graduation of this class !!
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    1. "I was little hesitant to publish this post because in the end this is the Egyptian army we are speaking about"

      why you try to control your telling about the truth??

    2. Because this is the Egyptian army , I do not like someone to interpret what I am saying in a wrong way as a blogger

    3. good you admitting it, it's not right Zeinobia to hide the truth.


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