Egyptian Chronicles: Follow Up : Pre-April the 6th

Friday, March 20, 2009

Follow Up : Pre-April the 6th

Ok folks we are getting started for another 6th of April in Egypt hopefully it will be marked in history just like last year in 2008.

Here is what we should do as Egyptians on that day by the request of the 6th April youth and other political parties and forces in Egypt

1- Stay at home ,we are not required to protest or to sit in the street , just do not go to work or to school or to university , just stay at home.

2- Hang our Egyptian flags on our balconies.

3- Pass over SMSs and emails calling for the strike.

Here is the official group of the 6th April on the facebook where it started.

The new slogan of the strike this year will be

It is Our right and We will take it

Short but powerful and meaningful

And the new poster of the strike 


I do not like its design , I wish someone design something much more attractive and powerful

Here is what is written in the poster :

We Want apartments for the youth to get married

We Want education for our children

We Want means of transportation can be used by humans.

We Want hospitals to treat us

We Want medicine to our children

We Want a judicial system to protect us

We want food and bread

We want freedom and dignity

We want to work

We want to know our rights

Do not go to your work

Do not go to your lectures.

Do not buy anything.

Demand your right.

It is Our right and we are going to take it

As you can see we do not demand too and I say “We” because these are not the demands of the 6th of April youth alone but rather the demands of the Egyptian people from Aswan to Alexandria !!

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  1. السلام عليكم
    هناك غلطة فى السطر السابع
    عايزين نأكل وعيش
    ارجو تعديلها

  2. ممتاز و أنا كمان قريبا حعمل بوست للدعوة لاضراب 6 ابريل

  3. My problem with the logo that the hand represents the socialist movement, if i am not mistaken..

    mm.. I don't mind socialism.. at least its better than capitalism.. or whatever.. I'm not deep in either forms.. I just Hate ideologies.

    And wish such strike would be as free as we wish Egypt to be

  4. @anonymous,
    انا برضة حسيت ان فى حاجة علطة يا ريت حد يتنبه لها

    انشا الله يا ميدو يا ريت الناس كاها تتكلم

    @Lasto adri, I notice it too and it is from the reason I do not like the new logo including the color
    This is not a socialist nor a capitalistic nor an Islamist nor secular nor nationalist strike ,it is an Egyptian strike

  5. you will see it will fail "inshaa'allah" tani

  6. @Bastawisi,

    You are nothing but a loser! people like you love to be a slave and two faces! Just pick up the crumbs behind your master!

  7. Anna Lavenberg3/24/2009 11:02:00 PM

    Hi Zeinobia! My name is Anna and I attend the University of Vermont in the United States. I came across your blog as part of an assignment for my cultural anthropology class. Your blogs are extremely informative and I have enjoyed greatly reading about the protest on April 6th, and the work of Egyptian citizens to create a better life for themselves. The words in this poster are even more powerful to me because I feel as though these are rights that some Americans take for granted, even myself at times. The participants in this protest are strong and motivated for change and if there is anything I could do - even a world away - please let me know.


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