Saturday, March 21, 2009

Follow Up : The Royal Paintings are restored

Oh yes surprisingly they were restored on Thursday or rather were found on Thursday. The stolen Royal Paintings of Mohamed Ali dynasty were surprisingly  found near the Mohamed Ali Palace at Shubra, thrown in some street !!

The Police received an information about their place from an anonymous caller who is suspected to be the thief. The Police will continue to investigate their theft according to Farouk Hosni !!

Now some people will claim that the statements of Hosni and Hawas that the paintings are not worthy made those who stolen the paintings to return them back , well I do not know what to say expect what if they are worth much for real which they are actually !!??

This is not the first theft that takes place in the Palace by the way which the ministry of Culture instead of turning it in to wonderful museum is renting it as ballroom for weddings and product launches events !!

I have got a wonderful suggestion to both Zahi Hawas and Farouk Hosni; instead of building multi-million new Egyptian museum in  Cairo-Alexandria highway in time of  global recession why not to put those ancient Egyptian treasures in Palaces like the Mohamed Ali Palace in Shubra or the Andrewos Palace in Luxor !!?? It is like hitting two birds with one stone !!

Of course I know they will not read this and even if they will , they will not listen or even think for a moment in my suggestion.

I hope Hawas orders the reopening of the Palace again as it was shut by his orders after the theft.


  1. There is a roumer around "Hay2et el athar" ppl that this theaft was design specially to close the museum, so some one will use it after that for weddings and hight class social evets, like ameer Taaz Palace.

  2. What a shame!


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