Egyptian Chronicles: Follow UP : The Royal Paintings do not worth that much according to Zahi Hawas

Friday, March 13, 2009

Follow UP : The Royal Paintings do not worth that much according to Zahi Hawas

Location Al Qalyubiyah, Egypt
First of all here are the photos of the 9 Royal Painting that were stolen from the Mohamed Ali Royal Palace at Shubra Al-Khaima last week.

Second I can’t believe the latest statements of Dr. Zahi Hawas, our famous Egyptologist is underestimating the theft and the historical value of these paintings
Dr. Zahi justified the fact that there is no enough security in this palace as it is not logic to spend LE 50 Million to protect paintings that do not worth LE 1/2 Million.
This is the world famous Zahi Hawas, the head of the supreme council of antiquities in Egypt !!! As long as those paintings are not ancient Egyptian they are not worth enough for Dr. Zahi !!!
May be they don’t worth much in the eyes of Dr.Zahi but they are part of the Egyptian history which has  not stopped at the Ancient Egyptians only.
Anyhow I believe those paintings were stolen to be sold inside not outside Egypt , yes there are some people in Egypt who want to buy such paintings to be add more value to their palaces in Katamiya hills , oh yes do not underestimate the nouveau riche power in Egypt nowadays.
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  • I think I was right when I said the paintings are in Egypt , according to Youm 7 someone reported to the Police that he heard some persons offering historical paintings for sale to an Art gallery in  Zamalak at a Cafe there , I hope they catch them soon.
  •  This is the second theft that happens in the museum, the first one happened last year and 7 paintings were stolen.
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  1. Shame on you Dr. Zahi Hawas to say something like this and make a statement about it! especially about the history of people that build Egypt. These paintings are antique and you will not find such paintings again in Egypt. We should protect such paintings and palaces. If everybody in the Government especially Minister Culture and Dr. Zahi Hawas is acting like wonder all the treasures left by the Mohamed Ali and his family got stolen!

  2. @anonymous,Dr.Zahi Hawas and Farouk Hosni do not act in a surprising way ,the government since the revolution is acting in the same way
    These paintings I believe insh Allah we will be in Egypt

  3. I hope they're recovered! Shame on them!
    Maybe they're trying to dissuade the thieves from selling them considering they wouldn't get much money out of it!
    I think it's silly of them to misjudge the importance of such nice art!
    I'd gladly hang one of the paintings at my place if they're saying it's not worth much to them! They could give each of us three one each! lol
    Insha'allah they will be recovered!

  4. Madry laish but I just have a feeling Zahi has something to do with it. (Ok.. maybe not, lol) But I really hope you guys get the paintings back. I doubt people are actually concerned but heck.. it belongs to the Egyptian people, innit? :)

    I think Zahi needs to keep in mind that the ancient Egpytian artifacts weren't artifacts back in the days and it had no value then. Human beings in general only realize the value of things when things get scarce.

    I think modern Egypt has alot to offer and its high time us non-Egyptians realize that.

    - Maya


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