Saturday, April 4, 2009


This month Egypt should have celebrated as a country officially  the 90th anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution in 1919. I am not shocked by the poor and sad reception of the anniversary in Egypt but I am angry from this silly fight between the Wafdists and the nationalists/Nasserists/ Socialists on the revolution and the  character of Saad zaghlol.

The Nasserists and socialists are as usual trashing Saad Pasha where as the Wafdists are standing defending their man and what they believe as their revolution. The Egyptian people in 1919

It is not the Wafd party's revolution nor it is the socialists/Nasserites/Nationalists’ revolution.

It is the revolution of the Egyptian people. We should be the one who celebrate it.

I am afraid this fuss killed this year’s celebration , if we had one already !!

I feel that the New Wafd Party acts as if it is the only party that owns the rights of celebrating this occasion alone despite currently it does not deserve to be associated with the old Wafd party with all its cons after being a puppet party in the hands of the current regime thanks to its current head. “His brother is the current minister of Agriculture Amin Abaza !!”

The State officially should recognize the 1919 revolution as a national occasion , of course airing Naguib Mahfouz Cairo trilogy or Siad Darwish films on the national TV is not enough.The President should visit the tomb of Saad Zaghlol to pay respect to him and to Mustafa Kamal who is laying beside him . The mausoleum of Saad should be restored as a national heritage building. Those two men  should be treated as heroes of our independence. Saad ZaglolAlready I know that both Presidents Naguib and Nasser visited in the beginning of the revolution to pay respect to the honourable men.

Of course I am not speaking about what this current regime should do because frankly I believe this regime deliberately kills our national occasions in order to suppress any patriotic spirit what so ever in the Egyptians.

I will be crazy if I think this regime will recognize or will celebrate the 1919 revolution appropriately as it fears the people who suddenly wake up like how they had done from 90 years. This regime does not want to remind the people that they are the real change in the country,any revolution talk from any kind whether from public’s revolution or military coup  is forbidden currently.


  1. saad saad ya7ya saad :D
    i am very confused .. why saad ?
    of course hez an amazing person ..
    he showed the protest on the british ..
    but also there was abd el aziz fahmy and ali fahmy
    they struggled with him ..
    any way ,,
    thanks :)

  2. This article is very interesting. I just discovered your blog through verveearth. I'll come to visit you from time to time.
    Good Job


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