Sunday, April 5, 2009

Save the Giza Zoo

I have just known today terrible news which I wish it would be only a rumor.
I have known that the Giza Zoo land was sold to some investor from the Gulf area and he was going to build over that piece of land series of towers !!
The Zoo will be transferred to 6th October , oh yes just like the national day of Giza !!!???
Can someone please check from that news ?? Please cheer me up and tell me that it is only rumor
Giza Zoo is a heritage area just like the Khedival Cairo for God Sake, it is even much more important , it is the second Zoo built in the world in the modern time.
I know that the Israeli Embassy will do the impossible to close it for some paranoia security reason but with my all respect to their security nightmares this is part of our history.
It is not  a luxurious to keep a Zoo like Giza Zoo in our country for God Sake.
Before anyone could ask ,the one who told this horrible news read it in some weekly economic newspaper called “El-Iktisadia
What scares me is that those people I spoke about that matter in the work did not care that much , they only spoke about how big this area is and how expensive it is !!!! Did I became mad !!!???
We must stop this if it is true and we can do it !!
Thank GOD it turned out FALSE ALARM. MONA EL-SHAZELY denied it last night , of course I missed last night episode !! But Thank God

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