Sunday, April 5, 2009

Follow Up : 24 hours

The time remaining is 24 hours and despite that generally people seemed uninterested the political forces whether from the regime or the opposition or even the shadow parties are interested.
  • As usual the regime is kindly doing a favor to the strike making it successful from now with its witch hunt against the 6th April members across the country. I think you have heard the news that 20 "6th of April" youth members were arrested mainly in Kafr El-Shekih.
  • What makes me feel so angry is that there are two girl "Amina and Sarah" from the group are being arrest and they won't be released except after two weeks !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Here is the official 6th of April group Wall in the facebook RSS feed in Arabic
  • According to the early media report , Down town shops are going to be closed tomorrow,the owners fear riots and this is why they will close their shops tomorrow.
  • Another 6th of April youth member has been arrest
  • The independent and MB MPs will withdraw from tomorrow's the people's assembly session that will include Ahmed Nazif's speech , they also issued a statement where they announced their support to the strike tomorrow .
Update# 2:
  • Do you remember the poll I posted in my Arabic blog !!?? Well here is the latest results
  • Total votes : 258
  • 71% will join the strike "184 votes"
  • 15%  do not know "38 votes"
  • 14% will not join strike "36 votes"
I think I should have posted a similar poll here also ,anyhow it is not late to tell if you are going to join the strike or not tomorrow insh Allah

Update# 3: 
  • Strangely enough 6th April Youth group have just published a statement demanding us "those who read it " to print copies from it and throw from the buildings roofs !!!!! "This reminds me with the days of British occupation"
  • Still this statement includes very important information concerning what we should to do and what is going to happen in Egypt supposedly insh Allah : 
                  1-Do not go to work in general
                  2- If you are going to the street then wear black , nothing illegal in wearing black.
                  3-Do not buy anything on that day as much as you can.
                  4-There will be 2 protests tomorrow in Cairo
                  5- One at 12 PM Cairo local time at labor syndication unions at El-Gaal'a street ,down town
                  6- One at 3 PM CLT at the journalists syndication
                  4- There will be a stand in  in front of every NDP HQ in the governorate " this is powerful"
 Updated # 4: 
  • Amina and Sarah are released today from detaination , I think the security forces knows very well that tomorrow can be tough day if those girls from Delta were kept in detaination ,their families won't rest. 
  • Amina and Sarah are not members in the 6th of April group but they support it and tomorrow they will stay at home and won't go to college. Both girls were humiliated and insulted by the security forces.
  • I believe activism began to spread across the country in the younger generations outside Cairo , this is a very powerful 
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