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The Assassination of Dr. Yahia Al-Mashad

The interesting part in the assassination of Dr. Yahia Al-Mashad is that it is not a real Egyptian X-File because we know who and how the honourable scientist was killed and for what but we can’t arrest those who killed that honourable scientist after all those years.

Channel 3 at the French TV aired a very interesting documentary I am surprised that a western television would produce in the first place : The assassination of Dr. Yahia Al-Mashad.

Dr. Yahia Al-Mashad, “1932-1980” the Egyptian nuclear scientist headed the Iraqi nuclear program which Israel sabotaged in 1980s. Dr. Yahia Al-Mashad Al-Mashad was assassinated in Paris by the Mossad and he was not the first Egyptian Nuclear scientist nor last to be assassinated in strange circumstances that indicate the involvement of the Israeli Mossad. The list is too long.

Many books and documentaries in the Arab world especially in Egypt talked about the assassination of Al-Mashad even more than bombing the Iraqi Nuclear program. The most famous and best documentary that covered this assassination was Youssry Fouad’s special documentary on Al-Jazeera.Also in 1991 ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky published his book “By way of deception “ ,this book includes the details Dr. Al-Mashad assassination

Back to the French documentary , well this documentary shows you how the Israeli Mossad orchestrated the whole operation. I know it is in French and there is no subtitles I am afraid but insh Allah I will summarize the main points below :


  • Israel wanted to sabotage the Iraqi Nuclear program which Iraq started it in 1975 with the help of France.
  • The Israeli Mossad began to stop it through several ways :

1// Sending threatening letters to the French scientists in program ordering them to leave Iraq , interestingly enough the mails were signed by a bogus Islamist group !!!!

2// Using the old techniques of assassination targeting the scientists  of the program , above Dr. Yahia Al- Mashad. Saddam and Chirac Nuke days

  • Despite the official report regarding the assassination ,the documentary shows how the Mossad did it

1// Mossad officer Crif who was working in the Israeli Embassy in Paris recruited a call girl to know Al-Mashad’s room number in  the Meridian hotel. That girl also tried to seduce Al-Mashad but failed on contrary to what Ostrovsky claims in his book

2// On the 13th of June 1980 *Someone* had entered the room of the scientist and killed him.

3// His skull was smashed by a sharp instrument that has not been identified up till now according to the French forensic report.

4// The case was closed without reaching to the murderer , the official story considered it unprofessional and that it was a crime of passion involving a woman “the call girl”

5// The call girl was killed by the Mossad in a hit and run accident when the police began to ask her questions.

  • The French intelligence knew about this all that time and you can see in the documentary the French intelligence officer who was responsible for this particular case.
  • Another scientist called Abdul Al-Rasoul was poisoned by the Mossad.
  • In the end Israel bombed the Iraqi reactor and put a sad end to the Iraqi Nuclear program.

Regardless of what you think about Saddam regime which I do not favour by all means still to describe what I think ,I will say that I wish that Nasser did not stop our Nuclear program. Already as I said in the beginning Al-Mashad was not the first Nuclear scientist killed by the Mossad ,the list is too long and too old starting from the assassination of Samira Moussa  in the United States from more than 50 years ago and before her Dr. Mustafa Mosharafa. It is not about the Iraqi Nuclear program I am afraid , it is about killing every attempt by the Arabs to advance scientifically. Believe me it is not a conspiracy theory mindset , it is more than that.

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  1. Very nicely put Zeinab. your post reminds me when the Israeli Mossad killed 2 Iraqi pilots that their specialty was to fly the Russian fighter MEG. 2 were killed in California, and one was killed in Iraq on the hands of a girl that later the Mossad also killed in London. and they managed to use a 4th Iraqi pilot, a Christian Kurd to take the Iraqi MEG and land it in Tel Aviv. I am surprised you still didnt write about this story, or maybe you have in your older posts that i havent read yet.

    Very nicely put Zeinab


  2. once the arabs get a nuclear weapons guess who they gonna use it against?
    that's why Arabs are not allowed to get any nuclear weapons.
    well done Mossad.

  3. Bastawisi and Millions in the arab World like you (including Egypt) need some education or at least search for general knowledge in Nuclear technology. Your question: "once the arab get nuclear who they gonna use it against"? What do you think Israel?and what about palestinians, jordanian Egyptians, Syrians, Lebaneses ? Would the Arab Nuclear learns to avoid them??? People, Nuclear and Stupid is the same weapon. Wake up people,otherwise Israel and Mossad are winning without war .

  4. Read "By Way of Deception" written by a former Mossad agent. He discusses this case.

  5. @Al-Hussain, thank you dear , I remember this incident now you are saying it , but I definitely have read about it before.

    @Bastawisi, there were Egyptian Christian scientists who were killed in this deadly race too by the way

    @anonymous I did not get what you want to say except that Nuclear and stupidity is one thing

    @anonymous, It is the first Israeli book that has admitted it

  6. iam happy Mossad killed those terrorist Christians, if they are Christians this never deny they are terrorists to support the terrorist nuclear program, to the hell.

  7. Anon#1:Zeinobia, my point is simple;
    in a geography like the ME, owning a nuclear weapon doesn't make you stronger. If Israel uses it against Syria,Egypt, Jordan,or Iraq, Israel will be destroyed with them either immediately or in short term/long term afterward. If Iran, Syria, Iraq,Egypt Own it, and use it against Israel, what about the palestinians,Jordanian,Egyptian, ..etc who will be destroyed with it as well? Now do you understand how stupid nuclear weapons are?. some people might try to sell the argument about "clean nuclear",it is garbage, playing on ignorance of the masses. Once nuclear fission took place in an open environment (bomb) there is no control over what will follow. The whole game is promoting fear, playing on ignorance and controlling opposition through maintenance of ignorance.Musharaf, and Samira Moussa were good cases in a point. Promoting knowledge,science, Engineering,..etc is the worst weapon to your enemy, not nuclear weapon!!!!. If Egypt played the role of China, India, Japan today, in the ME , Israel will be totally diluted without war.
    Maintaining Oil wealth with ignorance in the hands of Arabs,is the best weapon Israel has.

  8. The truth is out there somewhere but I don't think that any of you are ready for it.I give up.

  9. @Bastawisi, they are and were not terrorists , the terrorists are the people you defend in Mossad

    @Anonymous, my dear we are fought to have a peaceful nuclear program , our scientists even those living abroad were hunted down !!Why do not you attack Israel which started our program at the first ??
    and why do not you think that we do not understand the danger associated with this energy ??
    FYI Nasser did a terrible mistake and had frozen our nuclear program in 1960s because knowing that Israel can't destroy us except by destroying themselves.
    Samira Mossa also was working in the nuclear bombs field and if I am not mistaken

    @Misrcribe , what is that truth ??

  10. If one wants to know what will happen if Egypt (or any other Arab country) gets nukes just look how it treated her Arab "brothers" in Yemen: it gased them, just like Saddam gased Kurds and Iranians.

  11. Zeinobia YOU ROCK!

    From American woman living in Middle East who knows that Muslims also buy ice cream making machines that they use once and then put away and forget about, just like Americans!

    LOL - my friend Hany was telling me about the ice cream maker his family bought because the kids insisted on having one......haha, but the novelty wore off and now it's in storage somewhere (I told him to dig it up and we would make ice cream). I thought it was such a great testimony to how we are more tied as people by our similarities instead of by our differences.

    It's sad to read posts so full of hatred inspired by such appalling ignorance.



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