Thursday, April 16, 2009

It is getting sillier

That war media on Hezbollah , Iran and also Shiite is getting sillier and ridiculous every second . Today several websites are reporting that the Egyptian authorities are interrogating a number of Egyptian women artists who believed to be involved with Hezbollah cell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is not only Moheet because I have heard the so-called news from one of our relatives.
Those artists are reportedly were transferred important information to Hassan Nasrallah himself !!!!!!!!!! This is a joke , do we live in 1960s or something ??
What is next ?? Accusing Haifa Wahabi of being a spy to Hezbollah especially she supports Hezbollah publicly !!?? By the way Haifa's concert at Al Ahly Club on Sham El-Nassim day next Monday is cancelled , I hope that the cancellation will be for normal reasons not for political reasons. I am talking seriously I swear. After reading the ministry of foreign affairs official warning to the Egyptians visting Lebanon everything is possible !!??
I wonder how Haifa will celebrate her wedding from her Egyptian Steel tycoon Ahmed Abu Hashima in that so-called legendary wedding next week !!!??
From two weeks ago the Egyptian and Arabic Press had nothing to speak about expect the sudden engagement of Haifa .The lucky groom who stole the heart of Haifa is Egyptian businessman/billionaire Ahmed Abu-f_550m_2262a1d Hashima , the new emperor of steel in Egypt !! I thought that Ahmed Ezz was the emperor of steel!!
Abu Hashima was born in 1975,studied in the faculty of Commerce and he is currently the youngest National Port Said steel company board of directors member.
Abu-Hashima is from Port Said and he is active face in the Port Said social scene. There are some silly rumors saying that Abu Hashima is exporting steel to Hezbollah as Haifa is a Shiite and supports Hezbollah , she once said that she was ready anything Nasrallah would say and here she is , taking the steel we need in Egypt to build the Western Subrub !!! This is madness , we are entering the madness stage !!
Of course I can't imagine the impact of those rumors now , already I do not have doubt that if Ahmed Ezz wants to elimante him from the market  that he will use them against him !! Remember that very good !!!
Anyhow regardingAbu Hashima, I wonder how he became a billionaire in that early age in the steel trade !!??Do not get me wrong but I have enough from the steel crisis and those who are profiting from it whether from Ahmed Ezz and others including that gentleman. Leaving  steel and going back to the hot war between Hezbollah and Egypt , I wonder what will happen next in fact I do not want to imagine as I said it is getting sillier 


  1. :))

    على فكرة أبو هشيمة أحلى من هيفاء

  2. لأ كله الإ الست الطاهرة الشريفة هيفا
    انا ممكن اسمح بقطع العلاقات بين مصر ولبنان أو عودة العمال المصريين فى لبنان
    أو ترحيل كل الممثلات اللبنانيات
    من مصر
    انما تيجى فى الطاهرة الشريفة اللى يا قلبى
    لسه مافرحتش بعريسها
    لك الله يا هيفا ولا تخافى يا بنتى
    عمو الرئيس ابو علاء بتاعنا- مش بتعاهم -
    مش حيرضى ان شاء الله انه يعكنن عليكى فى يوم فرحك
    دا انتى مخضرة ( مخدرة ) نص شباب البلد
    ومسببه ازمة للنص الصف الثانى

    اما عمنا العريس ابومليار فالراجل كان شغال قبل كده فى ايطاليا وعمل قرشين ايه يعنى يا زنوبيا انا مش شايف حاجه غريبة ابدا

    نتمنى للعريس والعروسة كل التوفيق
    ونتمنى تعود العلاقات بين مصر وحزب الله بعد الزواج الميمون

  3. from nasralla to haifaa? are your mind is okay??

  4. @Mido,
    شوفت له صورة تانى مش حلو زى الصورة دى


    @Bastawisi, yes it is okay

  5. I saw a Song on Al Manar tv "victory for Arab" I think.

    It featured Many Arab Clebrities including Egyptian Artists and Maagdi Abdul Ghani the Ex-soccer player, may be that's why they will inttrogate them

  6. @Mohamed , well the list will be too long , you got too many artists like Ragada and Nadia Lotfi not to mention Ahmed Fouad Negm !!
    But i do not believe this will happen

  7. Haifa we want to see ur natural face without make up and contact lenses and see if ur beautifulor not!


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