Egyptian Chronicles: We are all Susan in the end

Friday, April 17, 2009

We are all Susan in the end


Susan Boyle in Britian got talent

I do not need to tell you who is Susan Boyle now , she became a worldwide star in less than two weeks and she deserves it with her fantastic angelic voice that made us all cry around the world.

All of us in the beginning were fooled whether we are from the East or the West ,we all are judgmental, we all care about appearance and we all love to judge the book from the cover regardless of what we claim. We cried because I believe Susan represented us in the end , represented the real humans in us , Susan went to British got talent as the simple Susan from a small village in Scotland, she came because she had a dream. Susan reminded the people of the world that they can do it as long as they have talent even if it takes years and they have  not been kissed.

We want someone like Haifa Wehabi or even  Asmahan but let’s not forget that Um Kalthoum in today’s standards may not have a chance in our time where singers are only judged by looks and sexiness !!!

Susan is lucky that she reached to the show because if she were Arab trying to get in to Star academy or Super Star ,she would not have that chance to surprise everybody because she does not have what all of these silly shows are looking for.

Good luck for Susan whom I really thank her for reminding us with our weak nature.

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  1. You are comparing Ismahan with her beautiful voice to Hayfa who can't sing and never claims to sing and says she is an entertainer. You definitely have dislike for the non-Egyptian singers. Ismahan was a great singer that was killed before her time but you are too young and uninformed to know this. Go get educated before making rash judgments.

    I don't understand how you make these random comments. You used to be so sensible in your column. Also, please learn to use the "." in a sentence. You have run-on sentences. Try to improve your English. Take a grammar course.
    The show is entitled, "Britain's Got Talent", not British.

    This is a different time and a different world. The world of Um Kalthoum was the world of radio and eventually tv. Now it's the world of satellite tv, video clips, youtube and the internet. If you think looks and physical appearance are not important, you are fooling yourself BIG TIME. WAKE UP ZENIOBIA!!!!

    Studies have shown attractive people get jobs over unattractive ones. Just the nature of the beast.


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