Egyptian Chronicles: Switch the channel : April 2009

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Switch the channel : April 2009

Barbie in 50s
Barbie is going to celebrate her 50th birthday after becoming an international cultural icon.
I was from the generations in Egypt that knows Barbie before Fulla and I remember how it felt like to go the toys sections in Alfa Market and get lost in those wonderful pink boxes of Barbie and her stuff. As a little girl I had my dreams to own the Barbie Pink House and her dining room, already I had several mini kitchen sets ,so the Kitchen was not a problem that much. I have camping set ,it is pink , so pink.
Up till now I have my Barbie things kept safe , they are collectibles. My wish now is to buy the Audrey Hepborn Barbie's breakfast in Tiffany "The one with the black dress" and Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra Barbie
Barbie by the way had her Egyptian and Arabian moments:
  • In 1994 collector edition Barbie Queen of the Nile was released
  • In 2000 Mattel a special Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra Barbie and it was so beautiful
  • In 2001 Mattel released a special Barbie & Ken set inspired by the Arabian night in 2001

The world is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its favorite doll in different commercial way :
Here is the first Barbie ad in 1959

Many people do not like Barbie for several reasons:
  1. The Commercialization of Barbie and her merchandise.
  2. The Western look of Barbie despite there is an African Barbie and there is fulla for Muslims.
  3. Some experts do not like the features of Barbie's body , little girls should play with little dolls of little girls , not skinny full make up blonds.
Of course when I see Bratz dolls I feel that I am so old and I used to play with a lady doll not with a slut doll !!
Barbie in 50s without plastic surgery

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  1. Very nice submission, actually I like this kind of dolls for kids, it's very inspiring!


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