Saturday, April 4, 2009

Follow up : H5N1 Human infection No.62

The ministry of health announced that toddler Hassan Gamil Hassan Mohamed “21 months old”  from Bahaira is infected by H5N1. Toddler Hassan is No.62 in the human infection record.Hassan showed the symptoms on April 1st and he entered the Damanhur general fever hospital on the same day. He was given tam flu and hopeful he will be recovered insh Allah. Without further investigation the infected domestic poultry are the primary suspect !!

This is the second case from Bahaira in less than a week.

I notice babies and toddlers are the recent victims of H5N1 , why does not the health ministry launch a campaign like the one they are having now targeting the mothers in order to warn them from the dangers of leaving their toddlers mingling with unvaccinated poultry ??

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