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Friday, April 3, 2009

Follow Up : 48 hours

Ok  it is only 48 hours before April the 6th and here are the latest updates I found interesting in those last couple of days.

Now many people whom I met lately do not believe that the strike will be effective like last year , it may not convince the people to stay at home like last year.

I posted a poll about the participation in the strike this year in my Arabic blog , 177 answered the question whether they will participate in the strike and stay at home or not and the result has been as follows up till now :

  • 123 votes “69%” said that they will participate in the strike.
  • 24 votes “14%” said that they do no know.
  • 30 votes “17%” said that they won’t participate in the strike.

Of course this poll is not an indicator because this is a very small sample in the virtual world.

Many activists like for instance Arabawy suspect that it will be a general strike day taking in consideration that factories in Mahalla will continue to work but on the other hand it could be a protests day in Egypt.

On the other hand you will find several groups and well known writers in Egypt that support the strike for instances :

  • Several Egyptian opposition groups in the United States announced their support including Coptic groups.
  • Sakina Fouad in her weekly op-ed at Al Wafd newspaper announced her despite that Al Wafd party announced that it won’t participate in the strike because it wasn’t invited , of course Mrs. Fouad is an independent writer.

The 6th April youth were very active in the past couple of days distributing flyers and calling for strike and protests across the universities. The security forces are paying attention to them of course , I think the security forces are not worried from the general strike but rather from protests.

More updates to come insh Allah.

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  1. (No offence meant).

    Why do you keep writing "insh Allah" all the time at the end of your posts? It is this kind of islamic mentality ruining our country. 20-30 years ago people did not say this kind of crap. It is a common characteristic of the Muslim nouveau rich. In other words, it is 'bee2a'.

  2. @Anonymous

    you are a sick person !

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  4. The Committee for a Workers' International is organising some protests outside Egyptian embassies and tourism offices over the next week in solidarity with the protests in Egypt. We do not expect widespread strike action in Egypt on April 6th because this has to be built in the workplaces as well as on the internet. But we support the April 6th Youth Movement activists who see the potential power that a general strike could have. The task ahead is to build independent trade unions and a workers' party that could mobilise a general strike in the future.


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